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Thank you for visiting qMattresses.com, a leading mattress reviews and sleep-health information website. As a team dedicated to helping consumers better understand the mattress as a product and the mattress industry as a whole, we play a consultative role in your mattress purchase decision, provided that your objective is to improve your sleep and love your mattress.

What We Do

We are the only single-stop website that provides consumers with comprehensive mattress research that any level of shopper can understand. This is a lofty responsibility, to be sure. So we break the research down into five specific areas that relate to the mattress purchase process. We have a great visual on our Home page as well as on our Mattress Buying Guide page that shows what these five areas are and how they interact, but for our less-visual visitors, they are: Mattress Reviews, Mattress Ratings, Mattress Complaints, Mattress Warranty and Mattress Retailers. Once you have a decent understanding of these five areas, we know you will buy the right mattress.

How We Do It

The objective with any project of this magnitude is to remain as unbiased as possible while simultaneously publishing only the most informative information. So we “do it” by: 1) giving you all points of the view and 2) through our experience. Read on, it gets better :)

Informative Content – Our Experience

As far as informative goes, we bring more than 7 years of direct industry experience, working with the largest (Top 5) bedding manufacturers on one end and independently owned retailers, most of whom collectively formed one of the largest buying groups in North America, on the other. And of course, we have another 15+ years in actual retail (front-line sales) experience to back that up. The bottom line is that we have a vertical understanding of the business all the way from manufacturer level through to the retailer and down to the front-line sales staff.

As a consumer, this benefits you in many ways. For starters, we know how the product (a mattress and its accessories) works. We also know that when 8 out of 10 shoppers test a mattress by laying on their back, they are not doing anyone a favor by getting up after two seconds and saying, “Okay, let’s ring it up.” We draw on our experience as best as we can to address the things that you, as a consumer, are really interested in – mattress comfort (helps you get to sleep), mattress support (helps you wake up well rested and not aching), mattress quality (lasts longer than 1 year), mattress value (you get more in quality than what you give in money) and motion transfer (you and your partner aren’t jostled awake whenever the other moves). These are the areas we look at in our reviews.

Unbiased Information – Our Sources

Each post on our website is a collection of information gathered from at least two or three different sources. Different areas on our site will have different “core” sources ofmattress review notes information. For the most part, those core sources are follows:

Mattress Reviews: primarily a walk-through of a product based on manufacturer specification, our experience and information from at least one top retailer.

Mattress Ratings: exclusively owner-based from a variety of third-party sources, both online and offline. No mattress ratings source can represent more than 10% of that product’s feedback (for example, we cannot poll 100 owners by phone as we feel this could sway the overall results). No mattress ratings source at all can be from a retailer (we won’t take their word for it) or from a manufacturer (we definitely will not take their word for it!), online or offline.

Mattress Warranty: primarily from the manufacturer (the document) as well as our experience in dealing with warranties (our experience) to make an easy-to-understand post.

Mattress Complaints: exclusively owners-based from both third-party and non-arms length sources. Here we will use complaints filed with a manufacturer or on their website (but rest assured, they don’t like to keep those complaints around). We use only substantiated complaints (so something like “this mattress sucks” will not be considered a complaint, but something like “this mattress sagged 2″ after 90 days and the manufacturer refused to honor the warranty without giving us a reason” will).

Mattress Retailers: we draw information from many different third-party sources as well as our “mystery shopping” experience. These sources include established trade magazines, financial statements (if available publicly), the Better Business Bureau and our own personal sources still in the industry.

As you can see, each and every post has more than one true contributor (but yes, we take all the glory for publishing it!). So you can rest assured that you are not reading something that our writers have arbitrarily put together on a whim. Our commitment to you, our visitors, is informative information that is as unbiased as humanly possible (we try to let you know when we feel our bias is coming through).

Other Available Information

As you may have noticed already, we also publish sleep-related health information. Because we are not medically trained, we outsourced this content and reviewed sources listed by our in-the-field medical writers. In most cases, referenced material came from university-level textbooks. These sources are available upon request.

Your Role

As a visitor, we want nothing more than for you to be 100% satisfied. So satisfied that you will tell your friends about us, add us as a link on Facebook or any other site you use, or through our “Add This” buttons. In other words, just as we offer third-party advertising through Google, we hope you will be our advertisers… and if there is any reason you feel we are not good enough for you to tell your friends about us, please let us know by writing to qstkmedia(at)gmail(dot)com.

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