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Mid-Market mattresses account for a considerable amount of mattress sales across the industry. For our purposes, these mattresses are primarily sold in the $1,000 to $3,000 range after in-store or promotional discounts (our unique and exclusive Target Mattress Pricing feature provides a suggested discount value that shoppers should look for before buying a mattress – see our 6 Golden Rules For Buying a Mattress and note that you should never buy a mattress unless it is on sale).

The following table provides an updated overview of the different mattress ratings within this mattress peer group, sorted by mattress rating from highest (best) rating to lowest (poorer). There are three key areas of focus in the table, consisting of the following:

Mattress Brand This column lists the mattress in question, starting with the brand name and followed by the Collection and lastly by the model. For example, the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Brathwaite shows the brand as Simmons, the Collection as the Beautyrest World Class, and the model as the Brathwaite.

Star Rating – This is the mattress ratings system unique and exclusive to Our system relies exclusively on quantitative data available through a series of publicly accessible websites. We build and compile that data on a daily basis and use it to derive a “star rating” that will evolve over time (we are continually reviewing products, even long after we have published our official review) as the group’s products improve/worsen and as our numbers grow. Star Ratings are awarded using a scientific distribution system (learn more about our Star Ratings methodology) and are currently weighted as follows:

star distribution chart mid market

Given the evolving nature of the ratings, the curve will not always be perfect. It is an ongoing effort to ensure ratings are properly distributed, so check back regularly for updates to the star ratings as well as the ratings themselves (the table below will be updated accordingly).

Coil Count – As an area that many retailers/salespeople like to focus on, we decided to include coil count as a key area of focus for shoppers. While this is certainly one element (of roughly 14) that we measure when deriving our Star Ratings, shoppers are cautioned to not place an exorbitant amount of weight on coil count alone. (We discuss coil count at greater length in our “What Does Coil Count Mean?” post).

Mattress Prices Although we admit that our pricing reference remains far from perfect, it provides visitors with a quick and dirty point of reference when shopping for a mattress and when evaluating the relevance of our mattress ratings as it relates to their budget or spending needs/requirements. A good example is the Stearns & Foster Berkeley Square mattress with a listed, regular retail price of $1,400 according to data available at one of the Top Mattress Stores (read more about these stores and how they are “chosen”). If nothing else, the price column should provide buyers with a small piece of information about where the retailers would love to sell the product for. We urge visitors to consult with the Target Mattress Pricing paragraph (closer to the end of each mattress review) before making a purchase decision.

Mattress Ratings Overview – Mid-Market

Each mattress name links to the full mattress review – click on the link to access all features associated with our mattress reviews.

Mattress Brand and Model

Star Rating

Coil Count

Regular Price

Simmons Beautyrest World Class Brathwaite1000$4,200
Stearns & Foster Thurston House Plush825$1,800
Stearns & Foster Berkeley Square825*$1,400
Simmons Beautyrest Portsmouth800$1,600
Simmons Beautyrest Classic Belmont800$2,100
Simmons Beautyrest Elite Legend900$4,000
Simmons Beautyrest Classic Hillside800$1,400
Simmons Beautyrest Elite Windsor900$3,400
Sealy Posturepedic Irresistible Mattress660$1,599
Stearns & Foster Cora Luxury713*$2,519
Serta Perfect Sleeper Whispers Parkmore850$3,100
Simmons Beautyrest Haworth800$2,100
Kingsdown Emerald Crown Crest720$2,000
Sealy Posturepedic Supreme Tociano759$1,900
Stearns & Foster Estate Shantel551*$3,100
Sealy Posturepedic Supreme Bartola759$2,600
Sealy Posturepedic Myrtle Blossom660$1,500
Sealy Posturepedic Grayson660$1,600
Sealy Posturepedic Cerminaro660$1,700

* these are Titanium, coil-in-coil systems and depending on the measurement used may not be truly representative of a “comparable” coil count. For example, the Stearns & Foster Estate Shantel lists 551 coils, but each of these coils has another coil within it. Since the coils work synchronously, some would consider them a single coil while others would argue there are actually 1,112 coils.

Still unsure? Be sure to Ask the Mattress Expert, Peter Cancelli before making your final purchase decision!

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