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Given the state of the economy, there is no question that value-priced mattresses play an important role when it comes to helping so many people enjoy a good, quality night of sleep without forcing them to spend a bundle on a new mattress. Although experts remain divided about just how far the quality of low-cost mattresses can stretch, one thing that almost everyone can agree upon is that there is quite a big difference between the “good” value mattresses and the “bad.” Our ratings highlight that (in comparison, we have found that the Mid-Market mattresses maintain a fairly tight margin with very little differentiating the above-average group and the below-average and poor groups).

Generally the Value Mattress Peer Group consists of products that cost under $1,000 after a discount – we encourage shoppers to understand the unique Target Mattress Pricing suggestions that we publish with every mattress review on this website. As well, all of the mattress reviews in this group are for interconnected or continuous coil mattress (with a small number coming with Bonnell springs). Of course, many good products will end up costing much less than $1,000 and not all continuous coil mattresses are poorer quality than a pocket coil system. The trick is finding a mattress that costs less but offers more quality than others in the group.

The grid below lists mattresses from our highest rating (5 Stars) to the lowest rating (1 Star) while also outlining coil count, warranty and regular suggested price. Each mattress name doubles as a “live link” that, if clicked, redirects readers to the appropriate mattress review for that product. Each mattress review offers a summary section that highlights good and bad qualities of the product as well as its Star rating. Farther down in the review, you will also find our Target Mattress Pricing discussion point that suggests the “sweet spot” that would make purchasing the mattress more reasonable (than, say, paying the full price listed on the grid).

Mattress Brand, Collection and Model

Mattress Rating

Coil Count

Mattress Warranty

Retail Price

Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry73610$1,100
Serta Perfect Sleeper Crestdale53210$1,700
Serta Perfect Sleeper Rosa Vista53210$2,100
Sealy Posturepedic Ivy Glenn73610$1,200
Sealy Posturepedic Juniper Valley Park73910$900
Sealy Posturepedic Mohican73610$1,800
Simmons BeautySleep Ravenspur4603$1,600
Simmons BeautySleep Ridgebrook4603$1,200
Sealy Comfort Balance Ellington4485$1,200
King Koil Comfort Solutions Thaila46010$1,200
King Koil Majesty3905$600
Simmons Deep Sleep Chesterfield2991$1,000

To ensure the key areas of the grid are given an appropriate weighting while reading it, we outline the key areas and their relevance here:

Star Rating – The unique Star Rating system at offers an evolving rating on each mattress within the group. Those ratings are distributed in a way that makes the highest and lowest ratings more difficult to “obtain” with the bulk of the mattresses ranking in the “above average, average, and below average” range. As more mattress reviews get published and technology improves, more products will get squeezed into the mid- to lower ranges. As at the time of publication, the Star Ratings were distributed as follows:value mattresses ratings distribution chart2

As demonstrated above, the actual figures lay outside our target weightings. They should more closely reflect the weightings in our Value Mattress Ratings post. As more mattress reviews are published, the curve will normalize and align better with the target.

Coil Count – One of the most-often cited features of a mattress by sales people and consumers alike is the coil count of the mattress core. Although we stress that coil count alone does not correlate with product quality, comfort or support, it certainly plays a role in our mattress rating methodology. So we include it here as a point of reference for consumers.

Warranty – With value mattresses, one of the biggest consumer fears or risks is poor quality. We included the mattress warranty, in years, to help consumers make a better informed decision. Since warranty remains one of those misunderstood areas of the industry, we encourage consumers to read up on the specifics of a mattress warranty in our dedicated Mattress Warranty Section.

Retail Price – The pricing published here consists of regular retail prices located and posted on the websites of at least one (1)  of the Top Mattress Store websites. This information is widely available. Although prices fluctuate frequently, this column should be used primarily as a reference point. Individual mattress reviews will outline a target mattress price discount (e.g. 50% off).

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