2012 Sneak Peek – Peter Cancelli To Address Your Questions And Concerns

As QMattresses.com enters the 2012 calendar year, we have a lot of new and exciting developments to announce and share with you, our site visitors. The first announcement for 2012 (a long four days away!) is that Peter Cancelli will be addressing your questions and concerns about mattresses and sleep health starting on January 2, 2012. Most of you know Peter as the Mattress Expert who writes for the PennLive blog, the NJ.com blog and is also the main force behind the successful mattress retailer, TheMattressExpert.com.

Peter’s reputation as the Mattress Police (yes, that is what the domestic mattress companies call him because he tells it as it is and sees past all of the smoke and mirrors that the industry is well-known for) and his current, active involvement in the retail space give him an indisputable edge over other so-called experts. Tens of thousands of shoppers and mattress owners have consulted Peter and they will tell you that nobody knows mattresses, the industry and sleep health as intimately as Peter does.

QMattresses.com visitors who drop by looking for the most comprehensive mattress reviews can now expect even more from this site, including Peter’s honest and straight-forward responses to mattress questions and concerns. If anyone knows the facts about this industry, it is Peter and he will not hold back from telling you the truth. It’s why we love him and why the tens of thousands of mattress shoppers and owners who have consulted Peter love him too!

Starting on January 2, 2012, visitors can connect with Peter through his section on our site by visiting the Ask Peter section or by clicking the Ask Pete! button located at the end of each post on our website (images below). All of your questions will be answered directly by Peter and will be subsequently published on our site with your personal information removed (to guarantee privacy) as well as the name and/or address of any specific retailer (again for privacy, but the larger retailer’s names will remain because they are less identifiable). If you have seen Peter’s PennLive blog, you know how this works.

Ask The Mattress ExpertAsk The Mattress Expert Small Green

Having Peter Cancelli on board is one more unique thing that we do at QMattresses.com to enhance our visitors’ mattress purchase experience. His participation on our site is a tremendous honor and we are very excited about being associated with such a public, well-known figure in the mattress community.

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