A Great Point About Memory Foam Mattresses

I have been waking up with my hands asleep and other pains on my old select-comfort bed. I was thinking about getting a Novaform Gel 12″ bed from Costsco and wondered what type of mattress would protect me from this happening and if the foam bed was any good.

Hi Tom,
The air mattress, like a water bed, relies on displacement for support. The heavier parts of your body sink, the air moves out of the way and pushes up on the lighter parts of your body. Your upper back sinks and your arms are elevated. This is why your losing blood circulating to your hands.
Memory foam does the same thing, although not as dramatically and not right away. As memory foam warms from the heat your body gives off, it sinks. Again, it sinks under the heavier parts of your body….not so much at first. As it wears and the memory foam begins to lose it resiliency, the depth to which you will sink becomes greater. It will be at this point, that you will end up in the same boat you’re in now.

Thanks, Pete
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