Altering Mattress For Medical Purposes – Mattress Expert Explains

I am a student from Innova Junior College situated in Singapore and I should like seek your advice so that i could value add my project which is about the beds for the bed ridden patients.
These are the few questions i would like to ask you.
1)    What is the weight of an average pressure mattress?
2)    Is there any possible way to divide the mattress into 3 parts.So that we could designate the head ,spine and legs to each part of the whole bed.
I hope you could get back to me regarding this matter.

Hi Malai,
In question 2, you are talking about something that has been done in the US mattress market for a long time. I have found it to be a good idea in theory, but unnecessary in practice.

Being in Singapore, you have access to inexpensive latex foam from China.
For someone who is bed ridden, 5″ or 6″ of latex would be enough to do the job you’re looking to do. I would suggest layering the latex…2″ firm, 2″ medium, 2″ soft…to maximize support and comfort.

A total of 6″ of latex should weight about 50 lbs. in twin size.

Thanks, Pete

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