Best Mattress For Side Sleepers? Not That Easy Says Mattress Expert

What is the best mattress for a side sleeper?

Hi Bea,
It isn’t as simple as that. The key to sleeping comfortably and without pain at the pressure points, is to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. Just as you are standing upright, so should you be when lying in bed…head aligned in the middle of your body, with you neck supported…enough give at the shoulder and the hip to keep your spine properly aligned.
Since everyone is a little different in body shape and weight, the best choice is also likely to be different according to an individual’s needs.
The biggest problem you face, is not in finding a comfortable bed, but in finding one that will last and keep it’s shape over time.

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When you shop at stores, you’ll be pushed to buy mattresses with pillowtops and/or memory foam. Both of these have their value in “making the sale”. Beyond that, they are worthless and often become a painful nightmare to the consumer…as opposed to the “mattress of your dreams”, which is the promise made at the time of sale.
These items wear more quickly under heavier people than they do lighter people.
If you are the kind of person who insists upon a very soft feel, the best way to get it and have it last is with a soft layer of latex.
Your body requires some degree of firm support. Buying a firmer mattress and adding a layer of soft latex is the only way to indulge that sense of luxury and have it last for more than a year.
Here are three of my favorite mattresses…for value, support and durability. Also, a link to the latex toppers.–18737/

Thanks, Pete

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