Different Mattress Names Makes Buying Confusing – Paula

Hello, In my town Sears seems the best place to buy a mattress. The problem is that in trying to find ratings it appears that Sears has its own name for the different types (for example, Simmons Beautyrest Fairdale II Pillowtop). Their website has no ratings. Is there are place that I can find the nearest equivalents for the ones that I am interested in?
Hi Paula,
Every store has their own model names for the same mattress…nearly every mattress at every store.
The purpose of that is to protect the prices of the manufacturer’s customers…the retailers.
You will need to educate yourself. An educated consumer is far less likely to make an expensive mistake.
You will need to find out what is in that mattress and what that information means.
No one provides a cross reference of model names. That would defeat the purpose of keeping you in the dark about what is, essentially, a blind item.
There are plenty of reviews on line. If you read them, you are less likely to buy a pillowtop…unless you let your sense of luxury over rule the warnings.
I would direct you to one of our blogs for information about buying a mattress. Here’s the link.

Thanks, Pete

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