Ideal Mattress Topper For Stomach Sleeper and Side Sleeping Spouse

Hi Peter. My husband and I purchased Abriana Beautyrest Black by Simmons. We both wanted a firm mattress. I am a stomach sleeper and he a side and back sleeper. I wake up with sore shoulders. Both suffer from lower back pain and feel this mattress has helped. What can I do to help our situation? Shoulder I get a latex topper, consider the Ansleigh plush firm by Simmons or the Desiree by Simmons. I have time to exchanged our mattress but I bought from Raymoor and Flangan adn do not believe the carry the Desiree. Help!
Thanks so much,

Hi Norma,
A soft latex topper produces a uniquely comfortable surface feel.
The Ansleigh plush/firm is more comfortable than the Abriana, but different than how adding the topper will feel. I would suggest going back to the store and trying them again.
Compare the cost of the exchange to the cost of the topper and go from there.
The Desiree is an older, now discontinued, model.
Here is the link to the latex toppers.

Thanks, Pete

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