Macy’s & Kingsdown Honor Mattress Warranty

Wow! Pete, I wrte you about a mattress we bought at Macy’s , about 5-6
years ago, it had a “hill” in the middle . We called Macy’s tey sent a
rep out and found our mattress to be defective.. We are getting a full
refund of over $6,000 .
Warranties are real!
Thanks for the advice to contact Macy’s , it was worth it!
Bebe Howell

Hi Bebe,
First call is to Macy’s. Have your receipt handy when you call.

Thanks, Pete

No Sales Tax…Anywhere in the US

I own a Chattam ans Wells Luxe VII mattress, I bought at Macy’s approximate 5-6 yrs ago. It has become lumpy in the midde. It’s like rolling off a hill when I try to snuggle next to my husband …what is the warranty and whom should I contact concerning this issue? Price retail was $12,000 , paid close to $6,000-7,000 .
Thanks for your help and advice
Bebe Howell

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