Mattress Expert Offers Suggestion About Mattress Warranty Issues

I have been sleeping on a high end latex mattress purchased new. The mattress has about a 1/2″ sag, but the warranty calls for at least 2″ sag before they do anything about it. I am learning that a 1/2″ sag is pretty normal; however a 1/2″ has big effect on my bad back. I am considering a lower cost mattress and replacing it every few years. I have also been looking at the “My Ergo Bed”. Any thoughts???

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Hi Gary,
Before buying anything, flip your mattress over and sleep on the underside for a few days. I’m sure your back will feel better.
Top line mattresses are always an expensive mistake. You simply cannot indulge your sense of luxury and ignore the more important issue of tending to a bad back.
This is one of those,”can’t have you cake and eat it too” situations.

Thanks, Pete

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