Mattress Expert’s View of Kingsdown Mattresses

I‘ve recently purchased a Kings Down Somerset Pillowtop Queen mattress because my Stearns and Foster started sagging get after 8 months. What pros and cons can you offer.

Hi Gerelyn,
Kingsdown has a terrible reputation for their lack of over all quality.
However, the pillowtops trump any quality the mattress might have.
Pillowtop mattresses sell well because of their initial comfort, but all of them will lose their shape much too quickly, leaving you with nothing more than expensive junk.
Here is the “pillowtop” category of our main blog, where you can read about them.

The best way around this, is to get a firmer, non-pillowtop mattress and add a soft latex topper.
The difference being that the latex doesn’t flatten out. You then have all the comfort you want, and it’ll last a good long time.

Thanks, Pete

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