Old Mattress Reviews Worthless Today

Hi Helen,
I don’t know what you were expecting, but a good five years out of beds made today is about all you can reasonably expect. That you got six years from an off brand tells me it’s time for you to buy a new mattress. Trying to find reviews on a six year old mattress is hard enough. To do so with no hope of it being meaningful to you, is a shear waste of time.
If you would like advice on what to buy next with a better result, give me a shout.

Thanks, Pete

No Sales Tax…Anywhere in the US

In August, 2007, I bought a White Cross bed from Home Budget Center in Delaware. I wanted an Englander but was told the store didn’t carry them anymore and White Cross was comparable. NOT! The WC mattress has sags in it even though I’ve turned it every which way. I’ve asked for a replacement since I believe it is defective. No luck! Any suggestions or reviews on a White Cross Mattress (top of the line) would be great. Thank you.

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