Simmons Beautyrest Black Get The Nod From Mattress Expert

My current mattress is over 20 years old and in need of replacing.I currently have a pocket coil mattress and would like to replace it with another. I am so confused by all of the different brands and styles out there.Trump has different lines, Corbin, Valena, etc. Serta has Garland,Redding,Kalissa,etc.How do all these differ besides the price? I am mostly a side and stomach sleeper.

Hi Bruce,
You have a Simmons Beautyrest. Why screw around with pretenders? Why would anyone put a dime in Trump’s pocket for the privilege of having his name on something you own?
You’ll be dismayed to later find that nothing you can buy today is as well made as your old mattress.
Among the best made mattresses, today, are the first four models in the Simmons Beautyrest Black line. The first it the firmest, the fourth is the most comfortable.
Here is a link to those mattresses.

Thanks, Pete

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