The Mattress Expert’s Take On Sealy’s New Gel Series Bed

My husband weighs 270 and has back problems. He sleeps on a twin xlong so it is not so expensive to change mattresses when he need to. We are looking at a Sealy gel series H firm mattress. Is this any good? What would you suggest?

Not sure about the Serta iComfort? See how it stacks up against the TempurPedic products in the TempurPedic vs. Serta iComfort post. A good comparison for shoppers looking to invest in a great night’s sleep! Only at

Hi Susan,
It’s new. It’s so new, that it won’t be on my website for another couple of days.
The gel foam is an answer to Serta’s “i-Series”, which is becoming popular due to direct manufacturer’s advertising.
You may have noticed that Sealy is now running ads, on TV, as well.
It’s all about marketing.
Is it any good? For the past 10 years, the mattress industry has focused on what sells, regardless if it’s any good.
Memory foam is thee worst material ever to come down the pike. Since it’s introduction, about 17 years ago, they’ve been coming up with more and more ways to improve it. Adding “Gel” is the next innovation.
So, what you have here, is a terrible product that has been improved. Does it make it good? It makes it less terrible.
Latex is good. Since the early 1970s, a strong coil unit with high density poly foam has been good….and reasonably priced.
Given that the mattress industry has spent the past 10 years making mattresses that are designed to fail sooner than later…in an effort to make mattresses a “disposable” item, it isn’t likely that improving a lousy product is the answer to anyone’s quest for a good night’s sleep over a decent period of time…let alone, a 270 pound man.
Yes. Weight is a factor. For durable comfort that will withstand the weight of a big man, you’ll need two items…a firm mattress with no memory foam and a latex topper. Two inch of soft latex does a fine job. Here are links to the mattress I like most for the job you want it to do…and a link to the latex toppers.
Since the 1920s, latex has been the most comfortable and most durable material available. You may remember when it was called “Foam Rubber”, which is what it is. You may also remember how well it held up. It still does.

Thanks, Pete

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