This Chattam & Wells Mattress Lasts 15 Years

We’ve owned a Chattam & Wells mattress for 15 years and have begun to
wake up due to knee and hip discomfort. Guess it’s time for a new bed.
With the new ownership of Chattam & Wells has the quality changed,
also interested in seeing a review on this site for the Kluft
mattresses as he was the founder of Chattam & Wells. We spent about
$6000 for our bed 15 years ago and are looking for a luxury bed that
would last another 10-15 years. Are there other luxury brands that we
should consider? Thanks! Mariani

Hi Mariani,
Much has changed in 15 years. Your mattress has no memory foam. Today, it’s very hard to avoid. It’s in almost everything…and it’s memory foam that is mostly responsible for today’s mattress buyers becoming frequent buyers. Read what I hear about memory foam.

So, look at the specifications of the mattresses as you shop. Look for the words Memory and Visco…and avoid them.

There isn’t much, these days, that will perform as yours did. In fact there are a very few. The best way to get luxury and longevity is with latex….the best material available for both comfort and durability since the 1920s…without rival.
Here is a link to “The Worlds Best Mattress”

I don’t get many shoppers who have the means for this. It’s an incredibly luxurious mattress.
And, it’ll last as long or longer than yours.

Thanks, Pete
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