Mattress Protectors

Contrary to what many people believe, the concept of mattress protectors is not isolated to young children who are more prone to night-time “accidents,” teenagers who are more prone to spilling their late-night beverages on their mattress and the ultra-neat who want to keep their mattress safe from blemishes. In fact, anyone who understands the threats posed by bed bugs or other natural, body processes will want to protect themselves (and their mattress as well) from such risks by using a mattress protector.

Here are some quick and straightforward facts about risks facing you whenever you lay down in your mattress:

  • through your body’s natural process, you shed skin and upwards of four cups of fluids every night. This provides food for dust mites.
  • according to some surveys, up to 2 million dust mites can live in a king size mattress, causing allergic reactions, skin problems (like eczema) and even asthma in some higher-risk individuals.
  • the fecal matter left behind by these dust mites can result in health issues, thanks entirely to your body’s natural process during sleep.

The above points out just one of the health risks that your mattress presents to you and your family. By using a mattress protector, you can isolate dust mites from their food supply (you) and eliminate mites entirely. In other words, if you suffer from allergies or other sensitivities, you can expect your quality of life to improve simply through the use of a mattress protector, let alone some of the other benefits many of these products offer, such as:

  • waterproofing
  • added comfort
  • stain and damage protection for your mattress

Investing in a decent quality mattress protector will set you back less than $40 in most cases. However, the impact on your health and the preservation qualities that your mattress will enjoy will more than make up for that initial cost.

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