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With its North American launch, the Dormeo Octaspring mattress should give traditional, high-end memory foam and even gel mattresses a run for their money. Dormeo’s unique product is claimed to be the “world’s first cooling memory foam spring.” Now think about that for a minute – all of the comfort qualities that memory foam has brought to the industry minus its biggest drawback… heat retention. Most people will argue that you cannot have memory foam without the accompanying heat problems. But Octaspring does things a little differently. Their memory foam is not a “slab” or layer of memory foam positioned on top of a slab of high density poly foam. The Dormeo Octaspring is more similar to a layer (or two or three, depending on the model) of pocket coils between a memory foam layer and a poly layer, except instead of traditional springs, the system uses octagonal-shaped, ventilated memory foam “pockets.” See the image below for a better visual.

About Heat Dissipation

How the Octaspring system works is that heat can be escape the memory foam material via the ventilation (those diamond-shaped grooves). This rewards sleepers with a cooler sleep temperature. Will it completely dispel all heat? Doubtful, but you should expect only marginally more heat retention than you would have with a spring mattress loaded up with memory foam comfort layers. This is where the good story really starts.

About The Memory Foam Spring

The unique system employed in the Octaspring mattresses not only replaces traditional coils with memory foam “cones,” but it gives the mattress additional room to move – sideways. Unlike a coil that is more rigid and will not sway from side to side so much, the Octaspring can. This results in greater motion isolation. Over the long-term, the worry would be a loss of upright rigidity, that could result in sagging or a “shearing” effect. Most likely, the higher-end Octaspring mattresses (the 8500 model currently sold overseas) would see less of this problem as it has multiple Octaspring layers.

With greater motion separation and firmer compression, the Dormeo Octaspring mattress will surely impress most buyers.

About The Layering System

Depending on the model, these Dormeo mattresses will have anywhere from one layer of Octaspring pockets to three. The higher end product has three. The depth of these pockets will vary as well, with the higher end mattress having greater depth than the entry level, single-layer mattress.

The benefit to multiple layers is less “strain” or “wear” on the mattress itself, as well as enhanced motion isolation and, of course, the probability for greater comfort. However, even the entry level mattress (the 5500) has different “zones,” something that is now commonplace in coil mattress products (even at the lower end in the value-priced category). Again, when you add multiple layers, there is less load for a single layer to bear and the result is, in theory, better comfort and longer-life.

About Dormeo

While the Octaspring product is new to North American markets, the product has been sold overseas for years. At prices that you can expect to exceed $3,000 USD, this is not an entry-level mattress for people who want to “try something new for a change.” This is still a serious investment to the tune of a TempurPedic mattress. Unlike the current memory foam leader, however, Dormeo offers a 60-day trial period (at least in their home market they do, and we expect this trial period to come to our shores as well).

With the high demand of gel beds like the Serta iComfort, Simmons Comforpedic and others that are still coming to market, consumers are obviously eager for new innovation in this space. The Dormeo Octaspring certainly offers something new and the benefits of the product are very convincing. We would not expect consumers to see sales anytime soon, but it sure adds additional pressure on TempurPedic and could very well force Serta’s hand in discounting their hugely successful iComfort product.

Stay tuned as we follow this interesting, innovative and exciting brand!

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