Dynasty Mattress S-Cape: Taking On Adjustable Bed Market

The world of adjustable market is a fairly narrow one with few players and only a handful of popular mattress stores carrying more than a few options for consumers. Despite this, adjustable beds remain extremely popular among consumers and for good reason. Up until recently, purchasing a worthwhile adjustable mattress meant spending well over $5,000 on the full mattress set. However, one of the best discount memory foam mattress options on the market, Dynasty Mattress, has come out with a low-cost option that competes exceptionally well with the current market leader, TempurPedic. With its S-Cape line Dynasty Mattress positions itself as a potential leader and definite competitor to all of the major players in this space, especially given its list of standard features that others charge a premium to enjoy.

The Mattress
The Dynasty Mattress S-Cape adjustable mattress is a split-king mattress that can be purchased as a 10” or 12” memory foam mattress. These mattresses come with 3” and 5” of memory foam respectively, with a price premium of

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just $100 for the thicker bed. With Dynasty memory foam mattresses, buyers sleep on a firm sleep surface in both models and are rewarded with the “Enhanced Air Flow” system, which is a venting system that allows the warmth that is traditionally “trapped” in memory foam products to vent out of the mattress. Essentially, this system provides a slightly cooler sleep than regular memory foam mattresses.

The Adjustable Base
With the S-cape beds, owners have two independently operated and adjustable system, each controlled via their own programmable remotes. The basic system through TempurPedic runs $1,999 alone (add the mattress costs to this price and consider that it is NOT an independent system). The system itself is a Leggett & Platt base, which is US-built and comes with a 20-year warranty. The S-Cape base provides all of the luxuries one would expect from an adjustable bed include vibration and wave settings as well as the tidy “Wall Hugger” feature that allows owners to install the unit closer to the wall than you might otherwise (many of the lesser adjustable beds on the market require ample space from the walls to allow for movement).

The Product – Overview
The total systems cost $2,599 for the 10” system and $2,699 for the 12” system. Both include the base as well as their respective mattresses. Although set-up is not included, anyone with a couple of hours of time and patience can assemble the unit at their leisure. Keep in mind that the memory foam mattresses (as with all foam mattresses) require an “airing out” period to conform to their original size and shape, so while the mattresses are decompressing, buyers can assemble the base unit. Dynasty Mattress can provide an assembler at an addition cost, which may be the only option for some purchasers.

The long list of standard features, as well as a base that is built by a leader in American bedding systems (Leggett & Platt also manufacturers spring systems), the Dynasty Mattress S-Cape adjustable bed is a definite must-buy for people who are new to the adjustable market, who are on a budget, or who have had poor experience with traditional, higher-cost memory foam mattresses that were meant to provide therapeutic relief.

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