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One of the better spring mattresses covered at our site is the Englander Mattress product. The product we reviewed to date is the Englander Posture Plus mattress, which is a pocket coil system designed for heavier people. Notwithstanding our limited experience with the product, the brand itself earned impressive ratings among current Englander owners with just two categories (Comfort and Support) registering in the Dissatisfied range. All other areas of measurement (Value, Motion Transfer, Quality and Overall Satisfaction) saw virtually no respondents dissatisfied (and the few that did were so so small that they neither pushed the averages down, nor registered on our radar in the first place).

However perfect this mattress may seem, Englander has had some customer complaints about the product, at least in the investigation we have completed. In our case, we had two noteworthy complaints — one issue related to support and another to customer service.

Poor Support Results in Back Pain

The first Englander Mattress complaint that we want to highlight is from an owner who claimed of suffering from back pain every morning. This could very well be a common complain since back support was an area that arose several times. That does not mean, however, that a properly matched mattress model would cause such discomfort for everyone.

At this point, it is also worth underlining the importance of purchasing a mattress that is properly matched or aligned to your body and sleep position. For heavier owners who find that the support is lacking, the Englander Posture Plus can be more than accommodating. It is definitely worth looking at this specific model if this is where you are.

Although we cannot discount or ignore the support complaints, we do wonder whether another model would be better suited to those individuals who found support lacking. We suggest this only because our Motion Transfer rating is just short of phenomenal for a spring mattress.

Warranty Support Lacking

One of the more common mattress complaints we have seen across all brands is that of warranty and customer support. In this case, we have seen several Warranty specific complaints. While this is certainly an issue potential owners need to be aware of, it is worth noting further that mattress warranties are something of a specialized document.

Often, a warranty will be turned away unless “specific minimum defects” are measured. That is to say that what the owner feels is a warranty problem may very well deviate from what the manufacturer feels is a warranty problem. Ultimately, it is extremely worthwhile to understand the warranty in full before purchasing a mattress, whether it is from Englander or any other mattress company.

In the specific instances that we have witnessed, Englander Mattress Ratings for Quality and Durability are quite impressive. Again, we do not discount or disregard the fact that such complaints exist, but question whether it is more of a dispute between the owner and the company rather than an actual flaw with the product itself.

What These Mattress Complaints Tell Us

Overall, these mattress complaints about the Englander product are fairly common across mattress brands. Potential buyers should not ignore their presence on our survey, but should understand that buying the right mattress and reading the warranty information ahead of time will avoid these common complaints becoming a personal complaint.

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