Attention Bargain Shoppers: Lucid 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Regular visitors to our website will likely have noticed a couple of things. One of them is that our bias is toward discount memory foam mattresses, such as the hugely popular Lucid 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress. The reason for this is simple: these specialty mattresses are typically items that shoppers absolutely love in the showroom and end up not liking after living with it for a few years or their perceived quality falls short of expectations after a short period of time. It does not matter how much you spend, most new memory foam mattress users have something to complain about when it comes to their sleep set. So the discount products minimize the financial upset for buyers who end up disliking their product.

You want to make sure that you know as much as possible about any mattress you purchase. At, we have done a lot of the research for you and encourage you to visit the Common Memory Foam Mattress Problems post to see what the biggest consumer issues are. And if you need a stronger case for purchasing cheap memory foam sleep sets instead of expensive alternatives, make sure to check out the TempurPedic vs. area where you can compare the 4th largest mattress maker against discount and luxury specialty mattresses alike! Only at

Another reason we encourage memory foam buyers to look at the discount names (and probably a more tangible reason) is that many of these products are just as good with the same “ingredients” so to speak. The Lucid 10″ Memory Foam Mattress illustrates this fact in an exceptional manner. Here are some of the most important features with this Lucid mattress insofar as how it might compare to a bigger name with a (much) bigger price tag.

Lucid Mattress Inner-Core

Whether the big names want to admit it or not, this Lucid mattress contains a relatively thick layer of memory foam. At 2.5″, it is just 1.5″ inches less than a 12″ TempurPedic

lucid 10inch memory foam mattress

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mattress. Seems like a fairly substantial difference, but not when you factor in the Lucid Mattress’s 7.5″ base foam, which compares to the TempurPedic’s 8″ base. The reason this works so well with the Lucid is not necessarily the 2.5″ of memory foam, but more importantly the High Density foam base, which keeps the top layer comfortable, marginally cooler than a thicker memory foam layer, as well as in better shape. With sagging and comfort both common complaints with thicker memory foam mattresses, a strong case can be made in favor of thinner memory foam layers. Even so, the 1.5″ difference in this case will favor the Lucid – less sagging and a more consistent sleep feel (although you will feel less enveloped by memory foam, which some sleeper prefer).

In this case, the 2.5″ memory foam layer has a 3.0 lb density rating, placing it on the thicker end of average. This memory foam will decompress better than a higher-density foam (which is important if you like to shift sleeping positions and would prefer not to sleep in the compressions left by your previous position) and will also have a more-compliant settling period. A higher density rating is ideal for sleepers who do not stir at all during the night and who prefer to gradually sink into their memory foam. If this is you, you will want a minimum density rating of 4.0 lb, and the TempurPedic can accommodate you at nearly 10 times the price.

Lucid Warrany – 20 Years

Although a mattress warranty should never be the reason why you buy a mattress, knowing what is covered and how long it lasts should play a role in your purchasing decision. Although the Lucid Mattress is a cheap mattress, its warranty keeps up with the big boys’. At 20 years of coverage, shoppers should feel at ease with the product they are purchasing. With a warranty that matches products that cost more than 5 times as much, the reality is that memory foam and its qualities are easily duplicated and the Lucid Mattress is no exception.


Currently, this 10-inch Lucid mattress is one of the most popular memory foam mattresses sold online through Amazon. At a price of just under $300 for a queen-sized memory foam product, this is a bargain. In addition, its features truly match or often exceed higher-priced alternatives on the market.

What To Watch Out For

Our issue with the Lucid mattress is echoed in all memory foam products: these are not for people who hate being warm when they sleep and for people who think memory foam is indestructible. In reality, even the Lucid memory foam mattress will show signs of sagging after enough time (just as a TempurPedic will). The big benefit here is that you do not spend a whole lot of money on a Lucid mattress, so if you are unsure about whether the heat retention will bother you and you can honestly accept that your mattress will sag after you sleep in it long enough, then save your money and take the Lucid for a test drive. It is unlikely, after 8 years of using this product, that you will find 10-times as many reasons for spending 10-times as much on a “market leading” memory foam mattress.

As well, no memory foam mattress can repair serious back injuries. Some may claim that it helps with the pain, but the reality is that no bed (by itself) can remedy such an injury.


Instead of spending $3,000 for your first memory mattress, save $2,700 and look at this Lucid 10-inch memory foam mattress instead. For the price, the Lucid is virtually impossible to beat and if existing owners are telling the truth, then 85% of them rate this product as excellent. Definitely worth checking out.

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