Not Just a Cheap Memory Foam Mattress: Lucid 12″ by LinenSpa

As one of the most popular discount memory foam players, Lucid memory foam mattresses by LinenSpa offer tremendous luxury insofar as mattresses go. The 12-inch memory foam offering really represents a starting point for most buyers, and for good reason. With its price starting at under $400, this Lucid memory foam mattress costs roughly 10% of a comparable model sold by the current market leader, TempurPedic.

Many shoppers will understand the value of buying a cheap memory foam mattress. Not only does the cost appeal to many sensibilities, but for new memory foam owners, spending less than several thousand dollars simply makes sense. Not only that, but all memory foam products have an expiry date and when you spend less for a product that lasts just about as long as the competitor’s product, you actually feel better about spending the money in the first place. In other words, since all memory foam mattresses have a life expectancy in the 5 to 10-year range, saving over $3,000 in the process is something that would make most people happy.

The Lucid 12 inch memory foam mattress is considered a discount mattress product since a queen-sized product can be purchased for under $400. Our TempurPedic vs… section pits the current “King of Memory Foam Mattresses” against other discount mattresses as well as other high-priced luxury products as well, namely the Serta iComfort mattress, which is a gel bed and may very well represent the future of the specialized mattress industry. Only at

Triple Foam Mattress Core

Not only is the Lucid 12-inch memory foam mattress cheaper than the marketplace leader, but it offers many of the same features. With this particular model, owners get

lucid 12 inch memory foam mattress

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three layers of foam. The top two layers are each 2″ in depth and consist of memory foam. The top layer is 4.0 lb density and the lower layer is 3.0 lb density. This means that the top layer feels a little more luxurious and takes a little longer absorb the body weight, followed up a lower density layer that enhances the luxurious comfort experience. In comparison, the TempurPedic Rhapsody (which is another 12″ memory foam mattress, except it is listed for sale at $3,199) has a top layer of 1.2″ with a higher density foam, followed by a middle layer of 2.8″ of a high density (but lower density rating than the top layer) foam. In both cases, buyers get 4″ of high density memory foam, with Lucid owners getting more of the “luxurious” ingredients up top.

It is worth noting that the higher density top layer on the Lucid mattress does not mean it will last longer or keep owners happier; it simply provides a higher density top layer, which is ideal for people who sleep in the exact same position throughout the night. For sleepers who need to shift positions, higher density foams will leave impressions and take a little longer to decompress, making for a few minutes of discomfort if you are sensitive to such things (the TempurPedic would also have this problem).

In both mattresses, the base layer is 8″ thick and both provide a solid base for the memory foam layers up top.

Removable Mattress Cover

The one feature that many traditional, coil mattresses lack is a removable mattress cover. With Lucid mattresses (and other foam mattress makers) the cover is removable and washable. This specific mattress comes with a bamboo mattress cover which is both soothing to the touch as well as anti-microbial and resistant to mold, dust-mites and other allergens. As with all coil mattress shoppers, we strongly recommend a mattress protector to protect your mattress – this is virtually mandatory, even with a removable, washable mattress cover!

Lucid Mattress Warranty – 20 Years

Another feature that should appeal to most shoppers is that Lucid mattresses come with a 20-year warranty. This puts the warranty on par with others in this arena. The biggest difference is that there are no financing deals (do you really need to finance a $400 mattress – of course, it is different for a mattress that will cost more than $3,000) and no other incentives, like those offered through TempurPedic.

And not to “pick on” TempurPedic, which is the 4th largest mattress manufacture as of the last data to be released, but no mattress company, including memory foam mattress companies, being immune to flaws, as perceived by consumers, it is worth questioning why someone should spend several thousands for a mattress when an equally good alternative (as determined by the features and specifications listings) can be owned for a fraction of the cost. With that in mind, the Lucid 12 inch memory foam mattress makes for a wise, economical purchase for most shoppers.

Who Should Buy The Lucid 12″ Memory Foam Mattress

No two mattresses will appeal to the same shopper. With the Lucid 12″ memory foam mattress, the ideal owner is someone who:

  • needs to replace an existing mattress.
  • wants a medium-firm sleep surface.
  • appreciates a peaceful sleep without interruptions (including interruptions from their sleep partner).
  • has never owned a memory foam mattress before but thinks it may be their best option.
  • does not want to pay thousands of dollars for a luxurious memory foam product.
  • will sleep on their mattress for at least 7 hours per night, every night.

If you feel that the above described you and your feelings, then the Lucid mattress makes sense. With a 12″ profile, it is a typical height for a memory foam mattress and it comes packed with a lot of good features that are common among most mattresses in this niche.


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