Entry Level Sealy Optimum Mattress Offers Little To Get Excited About

The basic Sealy Optimum mattress is essentially the entry level foam mattress that is offered by Sealy with optional memory foam. Without the advanced gel material, this foam mattress is likely to sleep warmer and/or less comfortable than other Optimum models. Most retailers will advertise this Optimum mattress as a way to bring you into the store, at which point the costlier models and options will be discussed and like most consumers, you will find that you are spending more than you expected.

With the Optimum Joyful, you will get a high-quality foam surface rated between 1.35lb and 1.85lb. Some models will come with memory foam, which will enhance the sleep comfort substantially, but will also come with the normal drawbacks of memory foam – heat retention and sagging over time.

We encourage readers to check out our other overview posts on the Sealy Optimum models – the mid-range Sealy Optimum Cava as well as the Sealy Optimum Vibrant models.

Sealy calls their core layer “CoreSupport” which is a more rigid foam layer that offers support to the high density foam and/or memory Serta Optimum Mattress Ratingfoam layer above it. While the support layer in foam mattresses is possibly more important that the surface, comfort layers it supports, at the end of the day, this is a foam layer that will show the signs of wear and tear after a few short years and is quite possibly the reason Sealy is backing its Optimum Joyful line with just a 10 year warranty (compared to as much at 25 years for its higher-end Optimum models).

The base foam layer (called OptiCore in Sealy-speak) is yet another foam layer, except this one is firm enough to provide a truly solid base. Incidentally, it allows for use on an adjustable foundation, a feature that is standard across all Sealy Optimum models. Keep in mind, however, that adjustable means additional wear for the material and this can shorten this particular mattress’s life.

Alternatives to the Sealy Optimum Joyful (base) Mattress

Lucid memory foam mattress – for roughly the same price, you get an actual memory foam mattress at a discount price.
Novaform – a popular memory foam mattress backed by Costco

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