Interested In The Serta iComfort? Hold Off, It’s Going On Sale

Without question, one of the most advanced and impressive mattresses on the market today is the Serta iComfort, a gel bed that makes space-age memory foam mattress look like something out of the silent film era. What helps Serta with their quick-out-of-the-gates launch of the iComfort mattress is that they beat all of the other large mattress manufacturers to the consumer. By now, shoppers will have seen what this mattress is all about while competitors Kingsdown, Englander and Simmons continue to work out the kinks and catch up (in terms of retailer floorspace exposure, anyway).

Being the first on the floor gives Serta a huge advantage. Several weeks ago when we wrote about gel beds being the future of the mattress industry, we never would have thought that we would see Serta adopting a “take no prisoners” approach to getting their product in front of the consumer. But that is certainly the case here. For retailers who are not carrying this gel bed by the largest (or second largest depending on which statistics you use) mattress manufacturer, Serta is in the process of launching a year-end advertising plan.

Either way, the patient consumer will faucet

More Retailers Means More Competition

By attracting more retailers, Serta will essentially occupy more floorspace with its iComfort product. Consumers will have the choice between Retailer A and Retailer B; the highly knowledgeable consumer, like those who visit our site, will instead be choosing between Price A and Price B. Everyone knows what too much product or competition in an area means for consumers – cut throat pricing and that is what shoppers can expect, particularly during a slow economic cycle like the one we are in enduring now.

Buying Volume Means Price Savings

The unfortunate reality is that retailers who commit to more iComfort gel beds will receive better rebates or pricing than those who prefer a more manageable quantity. Even the biggest retailers can often out-compete the buying groups. But either way, volume buying by the retailer means price savings for the consumer. So while the Serta iComfort may not be advertised right now as being a product on sale, shoppers who are interested in getting into one of these beds will have the opportunity to do so at a lower price in the months to come.

Expect Sales

Between stiff competition in a period where economics demands aggressive pricing in order to survive and volume buying rebates that retailers will ultimately pass along to consumers who choose their retail location over a competitor’s, consumer wallets are in for some good news. That good news is that the Serta iComfort will be on sale sooner than you think.

As for Serta, the reality with the gel bed is that outside of its R&D costs, the product is relatively inexpensive to manufacture. So while they may have to cut margins to support an attractive volume rebate or other retailer-based incentive program, the company will be moving for of the product. And that is what Serta wants when it said, a few months ago, that the iComfort gel bed would represent a healthy 7% of its total mattress sales.

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chris October 29, 2011 at 7:08 am

Thanks for the sale advice. Do you have any idea when it will go on sale? We desperately need a new mat but don’t feel comfortable buying one on line and the IComfort is probably the most comfortable mats we have tried for the money but the mats in stores are way more than on line and it almost seems crazy to spend the additional money. Do you Think that the gel infused Bamboo Royale Gel Mattress from is even in the same league? if I could buy the bed and save myself $1000 that would be awesome. your advice would be greatly appreciated.


SleepEase November 8, 2011 at 2:46 am

Hi Chris, the market leader here by far is the Serta iComfort. According to retailers and of course Serta consumers can’t get enough of this mattress. I have seen some sales already, mostly at the top retailers. And I know there are some discount brands that offer gel-infused foam as well (Novaform has one for under $600 on a queen-sized mattress, for example) but the deep discounts won’t happen until the big players get into the game (e.g. Kingsdown, Sealy, Simmons, Englander) because these companies will desperately want to take a bite out of Serta’s market share. Expect these big players to be fully engaged in early 2012. I would expect more aggressive sales over the holiday period, partially because Serta is currently recruiting more retailers to floor its product, meaning more regional competition for a lot of retailers who are already struggling to stay in business.


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