Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Review — Emphasis on Beauty

Regular visitors to this website know that when it comes to ranking the “big three” spring mattress companies, my preference goes like this: Simmons, Sealy and the Serta. I first fell in love with the Simmons Beautyrest mattress nearly three years ago while spending time away from home. I slept so well, I pulled off the sheets and when I found the tag that said “Beautyrest,” I sighed.

Without question, the Simmons Beautyrest product is by far the best spring option on the market. When recently shopping for my own, personal mattress, I had enjoyed plenty of sleep on a Simmons product. So I knew the Simmons product was what I wanted.

After spending a bit of time at the store, I had narrowed my options to the Beautyrest Harmony (which would be the Ultra) and the Beautyrest World Class. Outside of comfort, the three key difference between the two were coil count (25% less on the Ultra), less memory foam/gel in the Ultra, and a 40% cheaper price with the Ultra.

I chose the Beautyrest Harmony queen size mattress primarily for the comfort reasons. With 850 pocket coils (versus the 1050 in the higher-end alternative), there was very little motion transfer. Definitely not anything that would wake either me or my wife in the middle of the night when one of us shifts. As well, the firmness of the Beautyrest World Class was just too firm and the plush option not firm enough. Rather, the firm Beautyrest Harmony was a lot more forgiving without being mistaken as plush.

Truthfully, I thought I wanted the Beautyrest World Class. My research suggested that was the mattress for me — my daughter sleeps on a Simmons Beautyrest World Class, and it seemed perfect. But this highlights the importance of visiting a mattress store before buying.

The Beautyrest Harmony Cost: I paid under $900 for the queen mattress and boxspring. This is what I would consider a cheap mattress, but I assure you it is anything but. The World Class was nearly $1,500.

Product Highlights: 850 Coil Count; memory foam and cool gel comfort layers are just enough to further dampen motion and allow for a semi-firm (7/10 firmness versus the World Class option’s 9.5/10 firmness) sleep surface; Expect to pay approximately $1,000 for this mattress (versus $1,750 for the World Class).

Stay tuned for updates… it has been 90 days since my purchase (over 3/4 of which have been slept on the mattress) and there are no signs of sagging, no allergic reactions, etc.. Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the Beautyrest Harmony.

Personal Note: Finding a mattress that allows you to enjoy the kind of sleep you’ve never known you were missing is something of a miracle. That’s why, when my friends and family tell me they’ve been cursed with crappy mattresses, I’ll suggest a memory mattress, normally a cheaper one, because from there you can really dial in to what will suit them for the long-term. Interestingly, that’s often the same memory foam mattress they’ve purchased!

For me, I only sleep on memory foam sporadically. When my son’s Serta expires (it actually has already, after just six years)

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