Getting To Know The 2012 Simmons Beautyrest Models

As one of the highest quality coil mattresses on the market, Simmons has built a well-respected and reputable brand with its Beautyrest Models. In fact (as of the time of publishing this post, anyway) the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Brathwaite Mattress is currently a top-rated, 5 Star choice in our Mid-Range Mattress Ratings. Notwithstanding this high rating, the Simmons Beautyrest product is one that offers tremendous comfort and support at a good price if purchased in our Target Mattress Pricing ranges.

But as with many other mattress companies, Simmons mattresses offer a wide range of products and “collections” within its Beautyrest model line. They do this for a variety of reasons, most notably to ensure they offer as many products as possible for whichever price and option-range any given shopper might need. With that in mind, we will take a look at the different Simmons Beautyrest collections as well as the different models reviewed here and lastly what other Simmons models we may have referred to.  The aim to help  consumers draw the lines between different models and collections so that they do not feel that a specific model (like the Brathwaite, which might only be offered at one particular retailer) is the only one available to them.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the individual collections.

The Simmons Beautyrest Collections

Currently, there are five (5) Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Collections, all of which come with a coil mattress core. All of these collections come with some of the same basic, standard features, like a high-quality, durable encasement (edge) and quality fabrics. Other distinguishing characteristics are outlined below.

  • Simmons Beautyrest Classic  – The Classic version of the Beautyrest lineup is still high-quality and high-comfort. When purchased on sale, a mattress from this collection can be attractively priced. With a 800 coil count and a maximum mattress height of 14″, buyers are definitely getting a lot of quality that other brands often cannot compete with at this price.
  • Simmons Beautyrest Elite – A step up from the Beautyrest Classic, the Beautyrest Elite offers a 900 coil count mattress core as well as a maximum mattress height of 16.5″. The price increase is marginal, but Simmons states that the coil system used in its Elite mattresses offer enhanced pressure relief. Most shoppers will not be able to notice much of a difference between the Classic and Elite unless one is loaded up with memory foams (select models in both collections come with memory foam comfort layers).
  • Simmons Beautyrest World Class – Arguably the most comfortable of the Beautyrest collections, the World Class mattresses come with a coil count of 1,000. What really sets the Beautyrest World Class product apart is the addition of Simmons’ NXG foams on some models. Using a blend of advanced memory foam and latex, Simmons spruces up the comfort qualities on this mattress. The maximum mattress height is 16″ and most users will agree that the Beautyrest World Class mattresses provide an extremely high standard of sleep quality to those fortunate enough to experience it.
  • Simmons Beautyrest NXG – A 900 coil count mattress with standard and abundant NXG memory foam and latex, the NXG Collection also offers a 20-year warranty like the Beautyrest Black Collection (the others offer a 10-year warranty). With a maximum height of 14″ the Beautyest NXG mattresses target specific buyers who may not be 100% ready to convert to a luxury, memory foam mattress for whatever reason.
  • Simmons Beautyrest Black – Known as the most luxurious Beautyrest mattress on the market, the Beautyrest Black collection offers the finest coil system and comfort materials such as NXG memory foam and latex. These mattresses qualify for our Luxury Peer Group and as of now are not rated individually. For those with the means, the Beautyrest Black collection offers one of the most luxurious sleep experiences on the market for the price.

Simmons Beautyrest Reviews – Piecing It All Together

Our website has reviewed a fair number of Simmons products. The chart below illustrates the different collections, the individual mattresses that we have reviewed within each collection and their ratings (based on the QMattresses Star Ratings system).


Official Simmons CollectionMattress Model Star Rating
Simmons Beautyrest Classic CollectionSimmons Beautyrest Hillside Mattress
Simmons Beautyrest Classic CollectionSimmons Beautyrest Portsmouth Mattress
Simmons Beautyrest Classic CollectionSimmons Beautyrest Portsmouth
Simmons Beautyrest Elite CollectionSimmons Beautyrest Elite Windsor Mattress
Simmons Beautyrest World Class CollectionSimmons Beautyrest World Class Brathwaite Mattress
click on links above to read full reviews

The above table provides you with an overview of the different model reviews within each collection as well as their Star Rating. If a Simmons Beautyrest mattress is a product you must absolutely have, then the chart here provides you with a decent starting point in your research.

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