Firmness Is The Most Common Of Sleep Innovations Complaints

Quite often, memory foam mattresses will suffer from sagging given enough time, just as coil mattresses suffer from sagging after excessive wear. The difference is that most memory foam mattresses will truly “swallow” a user, especially if the base foam has lost its support or was never supportive to begin with. Mattress softness is definitely not a Sleep Innovations complaint. Rather, its firmness proves problematic for those respondents who were kind enough to share their complaints.

What happens with most memory foam mattresses is the same as with other mattresses; it sags with wear and tear, because eventually the foam material loses its firmness. Firm Mattress and Back PainRemember, memory foam mattresses are a combination of foam and a whole bunch of chemicals which collectively provide the “memory foam” qualities that so many people enjoy. While some users will express dissatisfaction with the firmness qualities of the Sleep Innovations mattresses, we find it interesting to hear that this mattress retains so much of its firmness in the first place.

When Firm Is No Good

Since “too firm” is the only recurring Sleep Innovations complaint that we noticed, it is worth noting that firmness is not always a good thing. In fact, a mattress that is too firm will (and has) resulted in back pain and other aches for most of the dissatisfied owners. This makes sense; too firm means the spine cannot align properly and that those pressure points wake people in the middle of the night, interrupting their continuous sleep.

Too much firmness essentially robs people of sleep – if this were not the case, we would all sleep on the floor. Of course, those who own Bragada memory foam mattresses and complain that it “swallows them into a crater” might welcome the rigid firmness of the Sleep Innovations mattress, particularly after a couple years or so. But it would simply be trading one low-support mattress for another with the biggest difference being the firmness of the mattress.

Dealing With the Firmness

While firmness as a problem or complaint is the polar opposite to sagging, dealing with it is a lot easier than dealing with the sagging or “crater” complaint that many people have with other mattresses. Adding a memory foam mattress pad is the obvious solution; in fact, that is what most memory foam mattress companies do when they want to enhance the plush feeling of their product – they manufacture a thicker comfort layer or add another layer altogether. In the case of softening the firmness, a thicker and less dense topper is ideal. Some of the best mattress pads are actually manufactured by Sleep Innovations.


Unfortunately, too much firmness is not necessarily a quality problem. However, since the users experiences back pain and other aches, it does become something of a subjective support issue. These users might have been better suited to a medium-firm sleep surface; if the Sleep Innovations had been a little less firm, chances are good that there would not have been a complaint at all.

Despite these Sleep Innovations complaints (which are mild in comparison to some of the other issues we see), the brand’s owners rank its memory foam mattress product extremely high in comfort, support, and value (with overall satisfaction ending up mid-pack thanks to lower scores in motion transfer and quality). In other words, despite the firmness complaint outlined here, this is a strong memory foam mattress product and for most users it does provide the comfort and support needed


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