Value Mattress Ratings

The Value Mattress segment is one of the most active in the industry. For steeply discounted prices, consumers can enjoy a high quality mattress for a fraction of the price of a luxury mattress. But as with any value-purchase, consumers are wise to spend a bit of time researching their purchase before spending their cash. This is especially true when buying a mattress. As our Mattress Buying Guide and 6 Golden Rules of Buying a Mattress posts highlight, it is important to pay particular attention to several key elements associated with your mattress purchase.

In this Value Mattress Ratings section, we underline several key features, both good and bad, associated with several of the most sought-after mattress products sold at the Top Mattress Stores across the United States. Here, we offer individual product ratings based on more than a dozen key measurements. Each of the mattress products will rate anywhere from 1 (bad – bottom 10%) to 5 (excellent – top 10%) stars. This image shows the distribution of those ratings across the different value mattresses featured here:

star distribution chart for mattress reviews

As you can see, each Mattress Review will be assigned a specific Star rating based on the grid above. As well, each review will have our Target Mattress Pricing feature included in each post (normally at the very bottom of each review – you may want to read more about Target Mattress Prices and how they work). Essentially, these contextual features establish our mattress reviews as the most comprehensive on the internet today, something you can benefit from while shopping for your next mattress.

Getting back to the Value Mattress Peer group, you should take special note of the fact that each of these mattresses meets a specific criteria to be included in this category. First and foremost is effective price. Only mattresses with effective pricing below $1,000 can be included in this peer group. As well, mattress core plays an important role as only continuous coil and Bonnell spring mattress can be included here (pocket coil mattresses are included in the mid-range mattress ratings section). This means that shoppers can rest assured they are comparing apples to apples when research value mattresses on our site. (Learn more about our Value Mattress Ratings methodology and background).

If you feel a popular value mattress is not included here, please feel free to write to us at qstkmedia(at)gmail(dot)com. We would love to hear from you.

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apples to oranges

Given the state of the economy, there is no question that value-priced mattresses play an important role when it comes to helping so many people enjoy a good, quality night of sleep without forcing them to spend a bundle on a new mattress. Although experts remain divided about just how far the quality of low-cost […]

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A Value Leader – Sealy Posturepedic Juniper Valley Park Mattress

4 Stars Mattress Ratings

Currently the largest mattress manufacturer, Sealy Mattresses offers a broad range of models to shoppers. Their best-selling and biggest “hit” has been the Posturepedic line, which is to say it accounts for roughly half of the company’s total sales and is probably the biggest benefactor when it comes to product enhancements. With a solid slate […]

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Low Profile, Big Value From Sealy Posturepedic Mohican Mattress

mattress ratings

For shoppers who want to make a purchase based solely on price alone, there is plenty of potential with Sealy Mattresses. Best known for its Posturepedic models, Sealy is also the leading mattress brand as measured by market share. And there is good reason for that – much of which can be attributed back to […]

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Simmons BeautySleep Ridgebrook Mattress – One Worth Checking Out

There has been much written here and elsewhere about the impressive quality that can be found in Simmons mattresses. The Simmons BeautySleep Ridgewood is one that sticks close to the grain and further underlines Simmons’ dominance in a the Value mattress segment despite its firm hold in the mid-market segment as well. Not unlike the […]

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Huge Value: King Koil Comfort Solutions Thaila Mattress

Mattress shoppers who are seeking the best deals for a new sleep set will sure come across King Koil Mattresses in their search. Known as one of the largest value mattress companies out there, King Koil is well-recognized among consumers and highly marketed by retailers who want people to come walking through their stores. As […]

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Rosa Vista Mattress: All Around Good Comfort

Currently ranked as the Second Top Mattress Company, Serta Mattresses has been enjoying tremendous momentum with two product lines in particular. The first is the hugely successful Serta iComfort mattress, which we believe will be viewed as the innovation pioneer in the industry for years to come. The other line is a direct competitor (in […]

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Sealy PosturePedic Ivy Glenn Mattress Review (Value)

Finding a great deal on a mattress is one of the most frustrating things shoppers are up against. With the Sealy Posturepedic Ivy Glenn mattress, there is definitely a great deal to be had. Currently, one of the top mattress stores is selling this queen-size mattress for just under $400 for the full mattress set. […]

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NEW! Value Mattress Ratings

Our Value Mattress Ratings section offers individual mattress ratings on the Value products reviewed on our website. Here you will find links to all of the different, individual mattress reviews we have completed and updated with our unique Ratings Overview box. Each new mattress review on our website now incorporates one of these Ratings boxes […]

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Simmons Deep Sleep Chesterfield Mattress Review – Deep Sleep Unlikely

Currently one of the best spring mattress products on the market is built by Simmons. In fact, some would go so far as to say that the Simmons Beautyrest is one of the highest quality, most comfortable mattresses on the planet, and for good reason. The trouble with the Beautyrest brand is price, which locks […]

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Sealy Comfort Balance Ellington – A Value Mattress Review

When you hear the name Sealy, chances are good that you think of the Posturepedic brand. This makes sense; roughly half of Sealy Mattresses‘s sales happen in the Posturepedic arena and without a doubt it is also one of the company’s most-innovative innerspring prodcuts with its titanium coils. But what about the true budget-brand? After […]

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Our King Koil Majesty Mattress Review

With affordability at the forefront of its existence, King Koil mattresses offer reasonably priced mattresses to the value-conscious shopper. Given that objective (to help budget-minded consumers find a decent mattress without having to break the bank), King Koil is continually offering options to shoppers. That is definitely the case with the King Koil Classic Majesty […]

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Our Review of The Serta Perfect Sleeper Crestdale Mattress

If anyone understand sleep and sleep patterns it must be the National Sleep Foundation. So it should make sense that a mattress company would want to partner with them, especially if that mattress company really does have a genuine interest in helping its owners sleep better. That is what Serta Mattresses did when it designed, […]

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Simmons BeautySleep Ravenspur Mattress – A Good Alternative

The Simmons Beautyrest name is one that appears frequently on our site in favorable terms. A product of Simmons Mattresses, the Beautyrest collection consists of mid- to high-end mattresses. Nearly every mattress review compliments it and rates is exceptionally well, whether you read about it at mattress review sites like ours – because Beautyrest mattresses […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry Mattress Review

Recently, Sealy Mattresses announced that its earnings have increased while its number of mattresses sold have actually decreased. It does not take a forensic accountant to realize that selling less units and making more money means charging people more money for the units sold. The first natural instinct is that, as consumers, we are getting […]

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