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Bragada Mattresses offer a memory foam mattress product at a mid-range price. This product will appeal primarily to people who need motion isolation, who like mid- to firm sleeping surfaces and this would be an ideal mattress for people who suffer from back pain. reviews some of the Bragada mattresses below, but this company certainly offers a broad range of mattresses that should suit just about any buyer.

Bragada Mattress Models Simplified

As a mid-priced memory foam mattress manufacturer, Bragada Mattresses offer a decent product at a competitive price and a lifetime warranty (for the most part) that exemplifies the company’s commitment to its product (Note: it’s value mattress line comes with a 20-year warranty). Like the biggest innerspring mattress companies, Bragada offers a long list of […]

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Customer Service, Deep Rutting Are Biggest Bragada Complaints

On the surface, Bragada mattresses offer an exceptional product that takes a direct aim at thie high-end models manufactured by Tempurpedic Mattresses. However, Bragada is not immune to its share of legitimate complaints from existing users. In fact, Customer Service and Deep Rutting in the mattress make up the bulk of the Bragada Complaints you […]

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Grand Cotton Memory Foam Mattress by Bragada Mattresses

Bragada Mattresses offer an unique proposition to memory foam mattress shoppers – a compromise. In the case of the Grand Cottom Memory Foam mattresses, that compromise is on price – pay four to five times more for a Tempurpedic mattress or pay a little less on a discount memory foam mattress, or buy a Bragada […]

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The 13″ Alexandria by Bragada Mattresses

Often we have compared two types of memory foam mattresses: the discount brands and Tempurpedic. This leaves out Bragada Mattresses, one of the mid-range memory foam mattress brands that deserves a good look from buyers who might be seeking an alternative to the high-priced, high-end Tempurpedic product. In some ways, Bragada mattresses are even better […]

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