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Purchased by Spring Air mattresses, the Chattam and Wells mattress product is intended to be the brand’s high-end, luxury mattress. Judging by the quality of materials used in these Chattam & Wells mattresses, that is certainly the case. Although the Spring Air line offers other mattresses that could certainly qualify as “luxury” models, none of them are quite as popular or well-recognized in the industry as the Chattam & Wells brand. Here are the reviews and other comments related to the Chattam & Wells mattress line up, including our latest reviews.

One Luxurious Model – The Chattam & Wells Juliana Luxury Mattress

As the flagship, luxury brand owned by Spring Air, Chattam & Wells mattresses offer tremendous luxury… albeit at a tremendous price. And price points remain a sensitive subject for many during this period of economic failty, luxury mattress continue to sell well. With this in mind, the Chattam & Wells Juliana luxury mattress should place […]

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Chattam & Wells by Spring Air Mattresses

The Chattam & Wells mattress line was purchased by Spring Air for a reason. Although it is impossible to know for sure, pure speculation tells us that the Chattam & Wells line has allowed Spring Air to offer a high quality, ultra-comfortable spring mattress for its client base. All one has to do is review […]

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