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Embody mattresses are a part of the Sealy Mattress company. These mattresses come with tremendous financial and resource backing, and being that this is a latex mattress, it will appeal to a broad range of buyers. For the most part, latex foam mattresses offer a similarly supportive and firm mattress experience as memory foam product, but without the heat retention and odor problems that many memory foam owners complain about.

Unlike many other types of mattresses, latex foam will have a high starting price point. Not so with Embody mattresses, which start at just over $2,000 (regular retail price) which is more than half the price of a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe memory foam mattress. With Sealy behind this brand, you can expect some impressive features, including fabric and other materials that push moisture away, allowing for a comfortable, supportive and enjoyable sleep experience.

Below, you will find our mattress reviews and other information for the Embody mattress, by Sealy. Please feel free to read it at your leisure. Oh, and if you happen to buy one, let us know what you think of the product as we continue to assemble customer data on what appears to be another fine product by one of North America’s most highly recognized mattress manufacturers.

Embody Mattress Complaint Not Much of A Complaint At All

Embody mattresses by Sealy represent the company’s serious entry into the luxurious latex mattress market. While Embody mattresses come in two different materials – a higher end memory foam and this latex foam – our focus with the Embody has been on the latex model, which retails for about $2,000 for the complete mattress set. […]

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Embody Mattresses by Sealy

Latex foam is considered a greener and more natural alternative to chemical-heavy memory foam. The Embody brand by Sealy Mattresses pushes this accepted notion, as Embody mattresses are just that – Latex foam (with memory foam for added comfort). As a mid-range mattress, Embody will appeal to a variety of consumers. With prices starting at […]

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