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Anyone familiar with Jamison Mattresses will know just how extensive its product line is. This company has one of the most comprehensive list of mattresses on the market, ranging from the extreme-discount brands all the way up to the most luxurious type of pocket coil mattress. The company has its fingers in all areas of the market as well, from Bonnell Spring mattresses, Continuous Coil mattresses and pocket coil mattresses, to memory foam mattresses and regular foam mattresses.

According to Jamison, its products are easily found in the world’s most luxurious and popular hotels. While some of its products are not worth much of a look for someone who is looking to replace their main mattress at home, it is fair to say that regardless of your sleep style and mattress preference, you will find a mattress under the Jamison umbrella that will suit your needs. Without question, Jamison Mattresses is one company that has taken a sharp aim at connecting with every consumer on the market for a new mattress.

If you own a Jamison mattress that is less than 18 months old, please share your experience with your product by emailing us at qstkmedia(at)gmail(dot)com. We would love to hear what model you own, how you find its quality as well as comfort and support qualities. This would be a great help for us as we prepare to launch our update qScore data in the fourth quarter of this year.

Exploring a Flagship; the Crest Collection by Jamison Bedding

Jamison Bedding has been building mattresses for more than 128 years. This long history has allowed Jamison Mattresses to evolve from a more primitive mattress unit to over seven widely different Collections consisting of nearly 75 individual mattress units. Of those collections, the high end Crest Collection is Jamison’s high-end luxury mattress. Similarities Within the […]

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Review of the Jamison Mattresses Arbor Collection

As a mattress company with one of the most extensive line up products, Jamison Mattresses offers several lower-end, lower-cost options for budget conscious shoppers. This low-cost range of mattresses is available in 15 individual models under the Arbor Collection, a full suite of mattresses that range from plush all the way through to firm. With […]

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Jamison Mattresses Overview

As one of the longest standing mattress companies in the United States, Jamison Mattresses boasts a history that extends more than 128 years. Like all of the large, popular mattress brands on the market, Jamison offers a broad range of products that aim to please all shoppers and sleep styles. In the case of Jamison, […]

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