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As one of the most-recognized mattress companies on the market, King Koil Mattresses offer a “decent” product at a decent price. As the name suggests, King Koil manufactures an innerspring mattress. This puts the company in something of a vulnerable spot since spring mattresses tend to wear down a little more (to the tune of roughly 1″) than memory foam mattresses at the same price point. This does not necessarily make King Koil mattresses a bad option for some buyers.

For consumers looking to purchase this product, it is worth reading our King Koil mattress ratings and complaints, which you can access from this page. Those two posts will provide you with a clear idea of what existing King Koil mattress owners are saying about the product, which they sleep on night after night. This might provide you with some insights into whether this mattress will meet your expectations. Again, our view is that the King Koil product meets specific criteria for a specific type of buyer, so please have a look around and judge it for yourself.

If you are an existing King Koil owner and would like to share your experience with your mattress that is less than 18 months old, please e-mail us at qstkmedia(at)gmail(dot)com. We would love to hear from you.

Huge Value: King Koil Comfort Solutions Thaila Mattress

Mattress shoppers who are seeking the best deals for a new sleep set will sure come across King Koil Mattresses in their search. Known as one of the largest value mattress companies out there, King Koil is well-recognized among consumers and highly marketed by retailers who want people to come walking through their stores. As […]

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Our King Koil Majesty Mattress Review

With affordability at the forefront of its existence, King Koil mattresses offer reasonably priced mattresses to the value-conscious shopper. Given that objective (to help budget-minded consumers find a decent mattress without having to break the bank), King Koil is continually offering options to shoppers. That is definitely the case with the King Koil Classic Majesty […]

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King Koil Mattress Complaints – Premature Sagging?

As far as bed mattresses go, there are generally two types when it comes to popularity. The first is popularity at the consumer level, which we cover fairly well in our mattress ratings section. The second is popularity at the retailer level, which is where all of the “big brands” seem to show up, including […]

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King Koil Mattress Ratings

When you look at the various mattress reviews completed at our site, you will not find a single one about King Koil mattresses, one of the most popular mattress brands among retailers. Part of the reason is that we have yet to test the product over a period of time that would translate into anything […]

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