Lucid Mattresses

As a Discount Memory Foam mattress, Lucid Mattresses by LinenSpa are not only one of the most popular foam choices on the market today, but they offer tremendous value. The models reviewed here retail for considerably less than $500, more than 50% less than the offerings by market-leading memory foam mattress maker TempurPedic.

There are many reasons why shoppers will want to consider a Lucid Memory Foam Mattress. Most of those reasons will come back to value. Here are examples of buyers who will appreciate the value offered in this discount memory foam products:

1) New mattress buyers who are unsure whether a memory foam mattress will work for them. Given the price, Lucid offers a great way to “test” a memory foam product without being financially committed for the long-term. If the product doesn’t make sense, it can be moved to a secondary bedroom and offer guests an excellent sleep solution.

2) New mattress shoppers who refuse, as a matter of principle, to spend more than $1,000 for the market-leading product when many of the same features are present in the Lucid product. As readers will find in our mattress reviews below, the Lucid offers the same visco-elastic memory foam material that can be found in higher-priced alternatives. As well, this mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, the same as that offered by TempurPedic.

3) Mattress shoppers who appreciate third-party opinions. There is plenty of information available on the internet about the different memory foam products available – both good and bad. With Lucid mattresses, owners are not obliged to report positive or negative feedback as their opinions are shared on unbiased sites (unlike feedback on a Sealy mattress, for example, that is found on a Sealy website). In general, more than 75% of Lucid owners report positive, feedback when they leave comments about their mattress.

For the most part, Lucid mattress owners are indeed satisfied with their purchases. Much of this is attributable to the value characteristics that come with this product – the more you spend, the higher expectations, or conversely, the more you spend, the better the product should be and the less you spend, the less-good the product should be. Given the high praise for this product, the end result is the same: you get more product than what you pay for.

And getting more for your money is what shopping is all about!

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