Select Comfort Mattresses

Valve Issues and Mold Complaints Top Sleep Number Bed Problems

The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort Mattresses works on something that we will never run out of – air. For many consumers, this translates into a mattress that is expected to last for a very long time – unlike springs that wear and tear, air is ample and can always be found. However, that […]

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Sleep Number Waterbed Replacement Mattress

In our latest post about the Sleep Number Beds by Select Comfort, we pointed out their three most popular models, or “Series” as they call them. There was one mattress that we feel is worth highlighting as what is arguably the best Sleep Number bed for many; the Sleep Number Waterbed Replacement Mattress. Despite the […]

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Sleep Number Beds by Select Comfort

Select Comfort builds the infamous Sleep Number Beds, which are adjustable mattresses that use current mattress technology as well as air to manipulate the mattress firmness. This manipulation allows these Sleep Number mattresses to appeal to a wide range of consumers, especially those who share a bed with a partner whose preferred comfort and support […]

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