Serta Mattresses

Serta Mattresses is one of the most prolific mattress companies around. In our view, they also sell some of the best mattresses in the world thanks to a large degree to their Trump Home

Luxury collection, which rated exceptionally high in one of our qScore ratings surveys. In addition to building a solid, sound product that celebrities like Donald Trump and Vera Wang can put their names to, Serta is also one of the most well-regarded companies when it comes to its warranty system.

For the most part, Serta mattresses are based on a coil core. Most of its products will also include some generous comfort layers that will consist of different memory foams, latex foams and traditional (or premium) foam toppers. Below, you will find information one of this company’s best-known products. Make sure to read the ratings, reviews and complaints sections as well so that you can make your purchasing decision an informed one with the help of qMattresses.

Serta Now The Largest Mattress Maker


For those who follow the industry closely, the news of May 23, 2012 marked an historic turning point among mattress makers. That news? Serta has unseated Sealy as the leading mattress maker by sales. And not by a small margin either… by more than $34 million in sales in a period where Serta’s sales are […]

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Sale On TempurPedic Cloud Mattress To Put Pressure On Serta iComfort


A recent earnings announcement out of TempurPedic suggests that the pressure from competing brands, namely the Serta iComfort as far as we are concerned, has posed a serious threat to the company’s revenues; TempurPedic in fact suggests that a 3% to 5% drop in this quarter’s revenues could trickle down to as much as a […]

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Plush Luxury – Serta Perfect Sleeper Whispers Parkmore Mattress

mattress ratings

with the recent changes that Serta Mattresses announced for its Perfect Sleeper line in 2012, we thought it might be worthwhile to take a look at some existing Perfect Sleeper models. What makes the existing mattresses controversial, in our view, is that their price suggests pocket-coil, mid-market luxury while their continuous coil mattress core is […]

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Serta’s Perfect Day and Trump Mattresses To See Changes in 2012

Serta's iSeries Announcement

As far as Serta mattresses are concerned, there is much to be said about the current state of innovation in the industry. In the past year, the company took a very different approach and launched the tremendously popular Serta iComfort gel bed and promoted it aggressively among retailers and shoppers alike. Now retailers can’t get […]

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Serta’s Big Marketing Plans Shines Light On iComfort

One of the greatest products out of Serta mattresses has got to be their notorious gel bed, the iComfort mattress. As the most innovative gel-infused memory foam mattress by a commercial mattress company that we have seen, the Serta iComfort has certainly pushed the envelope as far as bedding is concerned. It is also one […]

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Rosa Vista Mattress: All Around Good Comfort

Currently ranked as the Second Top Mattress Company, Serta Mattresses has been enjoying tremendous momentum with two product lines in particular. The first is the hugely successful Serta iComfort mattress, which we believe will be viewed as the innovation pioneer in the industry for years to come. The other line is a direct competitor (in […]

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Our Review of The Serta Perfect Sleeper Crestdale Mattress

If anyone understand sleep and sleep patterns it must be the National Sleep Foundation. So it should make sense that a mattress company would want to partner with them, especially if that mattress company really does have a genuine interest in helping its owners sleep better. That is what Serta Mattresses did when it designed, […]

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Interested In The Serta iComfort? Hold Off, It’s Going On Sale

Without question, one of the most advanced and impressive mattresses on the market today is the Serta iComfort, a gel bed that makes space-age memory foam mattress look like something out of the silent film era. What helps Serta with their quick-out-of-the-gates launch of the iComfort mattress is that they beat all of the other […]

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Summary of the Serta Mattress Models

As one of the largest mattress companies around, Serta Mattresses offers a full line of products to suit most shoppers. To a large extent, the motives behind the large selection of Serta Mattress models are not unlike those of other companies: greater market share and to give retailers less reason to stock a competitor’s products. […]

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The Serta Memory Foam Mattress: iComfort

Without question the iComfort by Serta can arguably one of the most innovative mattresses on the market today. Without question, this Serta Memory Foam Mattress is a model that the company has spent a lot of time promoting, and for good reason. Coming from the company that manufactures the best coil mattress we have reviewed […]

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Perfect Day Mattress by Serta

When we have the opportunity to write Serta Mattress Reviews, we prepare ourselves for a learning experience. Although we have seen several high quality, high-popularity Serta Mattresses cross our desks like the Trump Mattresses, the Serta Perfect Sleeper and the Vera Wang Collection, we wonder just how much more we can learn about this company’s […]

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Vera Wang Mattresses by Serta

One of Serta Mattress‘s most popular collections is the Vera Wang Collection, mostly because this mattress has the name of one of the most popular fashion designers attached to it. In other words, it is a highly recognized name, one that is synonymous with high standards and overall fashion sense. Ironically, the Vera Wang Mattresses […]

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Trump Home Luxury Mattress by Serta Mattresses

As a Serta Mattress product, the Trump Home Luxury Mattress comes from a family of exceptional mattresses. Understanding where this company originated certainly helps to place tremendous value in the company that was unofficially launched in 1931 (officially in 1933 under the Serta name). As for the Trump Home Luxury mattress, which an innerspring mattress […]

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The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

As one of the best-selling mattresses on the market, Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses offer considerable comfort without the accompanying considerable costs. This leading mattress company has also been responsible for Trump Home, Vera Wang and Nickelodeon collections, an attestation to the confidence such designers have in the quality of the product as well as the […]

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Serta Mattresses Offer Everything You Need

Did you know that the very famous movie star who plays the role of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, spent thousands of dollars for a very luxurious and high end bed? A lot of people will probably say that shelling out that big an amount of money to buy a bed is absurd and even crazy. […]

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