Sertapedic Mattresses

Summary of the Serta Mattress Models

As one of the largest mattress companies around, Serta Mattresses offers a full line of products to suit most shoppers. To a large extent, the motives behind the large selection of Serta Mattress models are not unlike those of other companies: greater market share and to give retailers less reason to stock a competitor’s products. […]

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Sertapedic Mattress Ratings

The Sertapedic discount mattress brand is owned by Serta Mattresses, one of the most recognized mattress companies in the world. As an innerspring mattress, Sertapedic has targeted the discount mattress market with this brand. As such, Sertapedic satisfaction ratings are quite diverse. While some owners rave about some of the areas we measured, others rant. […]

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Sertapedic Mattresses: The Insomniac’s Choice

Sleeping is the most comforting thing to do after a long and tiring day. Some people love sleeping so much that they sleep for a long time at night and they still love taking a nap during the day. There are even some people who will choose sleeping at home instead of eating or going […]

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