Spring Air Mattresses

Sleep Sense BioMax Mattress Certifications – Should You Care?

Recently, Spring Air launched a new mattress line that aims to challenge traditional memory foam and latex mattress leaders. They gave this new line something of a scary name, but their underlying intention was good. The new collection is made up for four different models and will appear under the Sleep Sense BioMax Mattress name. […]

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Sleep Sense Mattress by Spring Air

As one of the top 10 largest mattress companies in the United States, Spring Air Mattresses offers just a handful of actual models. Excluding its Chattam and Wells mattress line up, there are literally five (5) different mattress options to choose from; three collections in the Back Supporter line and 2 options from the Sleep […]

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Spring Air Back Supporter 500 Series

As one of the leading spring mattress companies on the market, Spring Air Mattresses has a long history in the business. Dating back to 1926, this company prides itself on its focus on back support and spinal alignment. Given such a focus, it makes sense that the Spring Air Back Supporter 500 Series mattress, which […]

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