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As a Serta product, Trump Home Mattresses offer a superior sleep experience. It is inevitable that many people will believe that the cost for this luxury mattress will have more to do with the name (Trump) than with actual quality. Those people would be dead wrong. Contrary to what a lot of people might think or believe, the Trump mattress is arguably one of the best on the market as far as comfort, support and value are concerned. In addition, Trump mattress owners are the most satisfied according to our mattress ratings research here at the site. In other words, if you are strongly leaning toward a Trump Luxury Mattress, chances are high that you will not regret your purchase.

In addition to the high quality and owner satisfaction ratings, Trump Home mattresses are a Serta product. Serta mattresses are well recognized in the industry as offering strong quality and customer support. Although Serta’s mattress warranty will have its share of idiosyncrasies, in general it is a very common and “regular” warranty. Although our mattress warranty section takes a more cynical view of all warranties offered by mattress companies, the reality is that it is what it is; a substantially better warranty will be tough to find.

If you own a Trump Home Mattress and it is less than one and a half years old, please drop us a line at qstkmedia(at)gmail(dot)com to let us know what you think of its comfort, support and value characteristics. We would love to use your feedback (anonymously) in our next qScore mattress ratings and complaints releases.

Addressing Defective Sagging In A Trump Home Mattress

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We bought a Trump Home mattress a year ago and it sags on my husband’s side. He’s about 220 and even after turning the mattress, it’s ended up the same way in just a few months. The mattress store checked it out and said it’s a quarter of an inch away from where Serta will […]

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Summary of the Serta Mattress Models

As one of the largest mattress companies around, Serta Mattresses offers a full line of products to suit most shoppers. To a large extent, the motives behind the large selection of Serta Mattress models are not unlike those of other companies: greater market share and to give retailers less reason to stock a competitor’s products. […]

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Trump Home Luxury Mattress by Serta Mattresses

As a Serta Mattress product, the Trump Home Luxury Mattress comes from a family of exceptional mattresses. Understanding where this company originated certainly helps to place tremendous value in the company that was unofficially launched in 1931 (officially in 1933 under the Serta name). As for the Trump Home Luxury mattress, which an innerspring mattress […]

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