Serta iComfort vs … Comparison

As the next big thing in the mattress industry, gel beds are set to dominate, especially as consumer knowledge levels increase and demand for quality and comfort continues to rise. With the Serta iComfort recognized as the pioneer in this space (before you start leaving nasty comments, please note that we realize that Serta was not the true pioneer in this space as gel beds have been sold in Europe and even domestically for years), it makes sense to pit other progressive specialty mattresses against it. Keeping in mind that the Serta iComfort success relies heavily on marketing and exposure, consumers are virtually guaranteed to see some aggressive tactics in play for 2012, but whether those tactics involve even more marketing or discounted prices (we suspect both) remains to be seen.

Comparing high-end, advanced memory foam products? You should check out the TempurPedic vs iComfort post since the data is not duplicated on this particular post.

For the Serta iComfort vs … section, we chose the following comparisons for a very specific reason: they push the envelope when it comes to traditional memory foam products. With the possible exception of the Novaform which is more of an enhanced memory foam product than a true “gel bed,” these mattresses are greatly improved over the memory foam mattresses from which they were born. This means they all sleep cooler and possess better comfort and support qualities than their foam counterparts.

And don’t let yourself be fooled; these products are all derivatives of memory foam mattresses. Even the notorious Serta iComfort, up until just recently, sold in two formats – a traditional memory foam unit and this noteworthy, impressive iComfort gel bed. As the market continues to expand with competition, consumers can expect more “original” samples to choose from including variations from Englander, Kingsdown and even Sealy. And in almost all cases, prices are expected to be somewhat elevated (the Novaform will probably remain the sole exception until more discount brands surface) but the claimed comfort qualities are without peer.

Here are the the competitors to the infamous Serta iComfort:

Serta iComfort vs Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Serta iComfort vs Simmons ComforPedic Loft Mattress

Serta iComfort vs Simmons ComforPedic Loft Mattresses

Consumers shopping for a traditional innerspring mattress will be hard-pressed to find a better brand than Simmons, particularly its Beautyrest brand which seems to outshine its competition each and every time. Despite some of the financial troubles that Simmons faced back in 2008, the company clearly recognizes that the industry is shifting from traditional innerspring […]

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Serta iComfort vs Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

As a competitor to the Serta iComfort mattress, the Novaform Gel Memory Foam mattress has one huge advantage: price. Although serious iComfort consumers are unlikely to look to Costco (where most Novaform products are retailed) as an alternative to a traditional bedding retailer, those who find the concept of a gel bed attractive but too […]

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