Are you looking to contact us at Great, we would love to hear from you!

There are several ways that site visitors can contact us.

  1. By adding a reply or comment to our regular posts. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of each post and leaving a reply. Believe it or not, we look at our replies and comments on a daily basis and if your inquiry is genuine, we will undoubtedly get back to you.
  2. By completing the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.
  3. By sending us an e-mail at qstkmedia(at)gmail(dot)com. This is our primary e-mail address, which we will respond to extremely quickly, but ask that you give us at least 1 business day to respond.
  4. By snail mail to our correspondence office at: 34 Coral Gables Cres., Elmira, ON, N3B 3P3, Canada. We will not accept large packages (e.g. a mattress) and if you are considering inviting us to a trade show, please e-mail us first as we may have already been invited or may not be able to attend at all.

As always, we encourage an open dialogue between our website visitors and our staff, so please do not hesitate to send us correspondence. If does not make sense, we will not blast you :)

Inquiries about material submission should be made to the e-mail address listed above. Although we aim to respond to all e-mail in a timely fashion, we again reserve the right to take up to 1 business day to issue an appropriate response.

We appreciate your interest in our mattress website and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards Administration

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