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For the most part, owners in our mattress ratings survey were satisfied with their Serta mattress. However, some of the most common user complaints related to the product’s premature sagging characteristics, something that would understandably leave most owners disappointed and frustrated. These same owners would naturally turn to the mattress warranty for this product, which is often one area that causes disappointment to evolve into outright frustration. So how does the Serta mattress warranty stack up to the industry norm? Many of our readers will be surprised to hear us say that this warranty stacks up very well against its competitors.

However, even the Serta warranty has its share of limitations and restrictions. And even though a lot of them are standard across the industry, it is worth examining them closer here.

What is Covered Under the Sealy Mattress Warranty

As with other spring mattress warranties, the coverage here extends to:

  • Coils, wires or springs are broken, loose or which have cut through the mattress fabric.
  • Handles (Serta is kind enough to not let your hopes get too high, though; they specify that handles will only be covered on Perfect Day mattress or above).

Of course, in the above section, Serta is specific about the type of mattress support/bed frame you need (it shows up time and again in the next section) in order to not void the warranty. The image below, although obtained through the Sealy websites, provides some guidance for what constitutes an appropriate, supportive bed frame.

serta warranty picture

Although you find a very similar photo on the Serta warranty card, the key thing to note is that all corners and the center beam are supported by a leg to the floor, either in the center of the beam or on each side of it. As well, Serta accepts properly supported wooden-slat frames.

Unfortunately, it is not so much about what the warranty covers as it is about how the company can escape honoring its warranty. This brings us to the next section, which sure has a lot more of exclusions than inclusions…

Serta Warranty Exclusions

Here are the most important exclusionary points to take note of, in our opinion. The rest are very common or irrelevant. Again, these are items that void the warranty or are things that the warranty does not cover:

  • Mattresses bought “as is,” floor models, bought through non-Serta approved retailers (including second-hand mattresses because warranties are not transferable) and mattresses obtained through a promotion (e.g. a radio station contest) are not covered under the Serta Warranty. Although we always hear about floor models, it is a point worth underlining since many retailers may offer aggressive discounts on such models – do not get suckered into buying a floor model, no matter how fantastic a deal it may seem. As well, it is worth noting that you should make sure that if you buy a Serta mattress, you are buying it from an approved retailer (not one who may be moving product obtained as a liquidator).
  • Premature sagging, no matter how early it happens, is not covered if it is not deeper than one and a half (1.5) inches. Anything less than this is considered “normal” by Serta.
  • Mattress fabric is not covered.
  • Corner guards are not covered. It is also worth noting that if your mattress is not Perfect-Day caliber or higher, the mattress handles will not be covered either.
  • Damage that results from the following is not covered:
    • improper use
    • abuse
    • wrong foundation (e.g. boxspring)
    • moving or bending the mattress
  • As with other mattress companies, Serta will not even attempt to consider a warranty claim on any mattress that is deemed unsanitary – any stain on your mattress will essentially void the warranty. You can use a Mattress Protector to protect your mattress against stains, and we recommend doing so if you feel you may have to rely on the warranty.
  • Mattress warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase (your receipt), the original mattress tags (do not remove them) and proof that you are the original purchaser (hmm….)

We should also point out that transportation and inspection costs are paid by you, the owner.

Full Coverage and Prorated Coverage

One of the beefs we have with any mattress warranty is the use of full coverage and prorated coverage periods. With the Serta Mattress Warranty, the warranty offers a maximum of 10 years at Full Coverage. So if you are buying a product with a 30 year warranty, consider that anything beyond 10 years will come at a prorated costs on most items.

The Prorated Mattress Warranty is pretty straightforward. If it an item that is covered for 30 years, you pay 1/30th of the cost for every year of ownership, after the full coverage period is over. So if you are 15 years into your 30 year coverage, you would pay 1/2 of the regular retail price on the product (i.e. 1/30 multiplied by 15 years = 15/30 or 1/2 of the retail price). Again, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, we urge you to determine whether the cost is worth it.


Although we spent a bit of time ripping the Serta Mattress Warranty apart, its finer details are fairly standard among its peers. But since so many complaints centered around how quickly this product sagged (after just 4 months in one case), knowing the warranty and how it works before you buy is definitely worth the effort and time.

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