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Welcome to Sleep Central at qMattresses, a section devoted to healthy sleep. With our continued focus on quality and unincented information, Sleep Central offers additional premium content to regular visitors who may not need mattress information or details about bedding accessories. As an authority on mattress products and sleep, our aim is to publish only the most up-to-date health information that relates to or affects healthy sleep. (You can skip this part and go straight to our section of Healthy Sleep Articles).

We achieve our mandate with the help of the reams of scientific and psychological research that gets published in the United States on an annual basis. And with a bias toward sleep-related health problems, our focus can remain on mattresses and bedding accessories.

The Average Hours of Sleep Per Night in America is 6.7 Hours… Sleep Deprivation is 6 Hours

As evidenced by the statistic above, our nation is on the verge of being sleep-deprived. This is not a good thing. Through awareness and mattress and bedding accessory suggestions, we hope to influence the national average, definitely a lofty goal but one we believe we can achieve.

After all, healthy sleep is something that we should all strive to enjoy. That means 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Of course, external factors like stress, problematic posture, aches and a host of other health problems prohibit us from getting proper sleep. By addressing some of those problems and offering potential remedies to deal with them, we believe that healthy sleep is something we can help you achieve.

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