TempurPedic vs Sleep Number Beds

In the specialty mattress arena, there are few innovators that can enjoy the success as both mattress companies featured in this Comparo. Back when memory foam was first discovered, TempurPedic Mattresses managed to create a product that improved the quality of sleep for so many people and to this day the company remains the benchmark that all other mattress companies chase when it comes to the memory foam market. With an eye on sagging and adjustable sleeping surfaces, Select Comfort released its Sleep Number Beds to huge success; unlike a spring that wears down with age, air (the force behind the Sleep Number mattress core) is abundant and available to everyone. Not only that, but few mattress companies could accommodate true, adjustable firmness levels to the same degree as the Sleep Number Beds could. What a brilliant, innovative change in an industry that has traditionally been static.

Unlike other mattress comparisons in this section, these two mattresses are two very different, very unique products. In most cases, they will attract two completely different consumers. However, they also share some similarities. And in the end, the consumers researching these products will demand only the best from a luxury mattress (don’t fool yourself, the Sleep Number Beds are indeed luxurious, even though they offer an entry level product that can accommodate almost any budget).

TempurPedic RhapsodyTempurPedic Cloud LuxeSleep Number Beds - Classic SeriesSleep Number Beds - Performance SeriesSleep Number Beds - Innovation Series
Price Range$2,899$3,599$999 - 1,399$1,849 - 2,899$3,199 - 4,699
Memory Foam Layers4"4.75"none - but 1.5" comfort layer up top.up to 3" depending on modelup to 3" depending on model
Base Foam Thickness8"8.25"note: Sleep Number Beds come with a foundation, not base foam.note: Sleep Number Beds come with a foundation, not base foam.note: Sleep Number Beds come with a foundation, not base foam.
Mattress Thickness12"13"8" to 10" depending on model10" to 11" depending on model13" to 15" depending on model
Adjustable Base?
(Queen Sized)
Adjustable base available for $1,200Adjustable base available for $1,600Adjustable base available for $1,599

Split-adjustable base available for $1,999
Adjustable base available for $1,599

Split-adjustable base available for $1,999
Adjustable base available for $1,599

Split-adjustable base available for $1,999
Adjustable Sleep SurfaceNoNoYesYesYes
Perceived QualityAbove AverageAbove AverageBelow AverageAverageAverage
In-Home Trial Period90 days90 days30 days30 days30 days
Warranty Coverage20 years20 years20 years20 years20 years

Evidently, these mattresses can both cater to a broad range of shopper. Although the Sleep Number Beds can dig a little farther down on the price range, it’s higher end Innovation Series P10 beds cater to buyers who demand nothing short of the best from an adjustable mattress.

TempurPedic vs Sleep Number Beds – TheĀ  True Comparison

Mattress ComparisonSimilar pricing points aside, these mattresses offer a world different features and qualities. But at the end of the day (literally) they both offer sleep options for the discriminating buyer. Where the TempurPedic rates well on Support and Quality, the Sleep Number Beds rate well in Comfort and Adjustability. Let’s explore these matters a little closer.

Support – Without question, the TempurPedic has this feature figured out. Memory foam is unique in that it can apply the proper amount support to pressure points and it can offer adequate spinal alignment. The Sleep Number Beds like most other mattress types simply cannot come close. Advantage: TempurPedic

Comfort – In our recent post about the Importance of Bedding, we highlighted how the National Sleep Foundation discovered that comfortable bedding was important for peopleĀ  to get the right number of sleep hours per day. The Sleep Number Beds allow owners to dial in their comfort levels every night depending on their needs; TempurPedic is often criticized as too firm. Advantage: Sleep Number Beds.

Quality TempurPedic has a long history as providing the ultimate in support for its owners. However, like many memory foam products, the consistency wears with time. Conversely, Sleep Number Beds allow constant adjustment, so even as air escapes as it inevitably will, owners can dial up more. By the same token, Sleep Number Valve Problems and Mold Issues were a real problem and the quality, as perceived by owners and shoppers alike, has taken something of a hit even though those problems have been addressed. Advantage: TempurPedic

Adjustable Sleep – Both mattresses offer adjustable bases at a premium. However, only the Sleep Number Beds allow split adjustable bases and adjustable sleep surfaces (the mattress itself). Advantage: Sleep Number Beds

Final Score In The TempurPedic vs Sleep Number Beds Comparo

The shopper decides this. Someone suffering from a chronic back pain might take a chance with Sleep Number Bed only because its comfort characteristics can be customized from one night to the next, or s/he can seek a remedy with a TempurPedic memory foam mattress, which has been known to alleviate chronic pain to the point of eliminating it entirely. And of course, the scenario changes depending on the buyer. So while the True Comparison here is in how well each of these mattresses fills a specific gap, neither fills all of those gaps.

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