Casper Mattress – Next Tempurpedic?

Just this week, industry trade magazine Furniture Today revealed the results of this year’s Consumer Reports mattress satisfaction ratings survey. High on this list of high-satisfaction was the relatively new Casper mattress, whose business model is reminiscent of Tempurpedic Mattresses‘s rise to fame.

Here are a few key take-aways when it comes to Casper.

  • 10″ in height
  • Built with a lower layer of memory foam (base)
  • Upper layer is Dunlop latex (upper level)
  • Online retailer

Because of its thin height, Casper is easy for buyers to unpack and set up. Their website ( illustrates just how easily one of their top-ranked mattresses can be set up and enjoyed.

Built in the USA, top-quality materials and manufacturing

Perhaps the biggest memory foam mattress complaint is that it retains heat and loses its viscosity, resulting in a hot, sagging sleep (or lack thereof). However, memory foam does provide a lot of comfort, at least initially, and with that in mind, Casper took a step and used it as the base for their sleep area.

On top of thick layer of memory foam rests a thick latex layer. The company highlights that this Dunlop latex, an American rubber. The benefits of latex is that it does not retain heat the way memory foam does, allowing for a cooler sleep. In addition, rubber is not synthetic, which means it doesn’t soften with time — as a rubber product, latest retains its viscosity the same way a tire would… and if you’ve ever visited an old-fashioned park with a tire swing or tire net, you’ll know that if it hits you in the head, it hurts as much today as it would the day the park was built.

Check out Casper’s website at:

The result with a Casper bed is that it will sleep cooler and at least maintain its viscosity on its upper layer. The lower layer of memory foam, however, will suffer from the pressure and weight of the latex layer as well as the weight of its occupants. So while the sagging one might expect from memory foam might not happen, you should expect some discomfort overall as the support from the lower layer softens.

Just as Tempurpedic built an empire in its early days, we expect to witness a similar “rise to fame” and fortune with Casper. A domestic product built with high quality materials at a price point reminiscent of Tempurpedic’s and backed with a favorable Consumer Reports survey bodes well for Casper.

Stay tuned as we prepare to create a full review!

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