Common Memory Foam Mattress Problems – The Winners & Losers

We recently published a very “broad” post that outlined the Most Common Mattress Complaints, and while this information certainly provided some insight into the biggest problems with mattresses, it looked at all mattress types. A little deeper into the post, it became clear that coil mattresses and memory foam mattresses are not only two different breeds within the same species, but they had their own problems. While there are some similarities (both types of mattress entertained complaints about sagging, quality and comfort), their frequency or severity differed greatly. Unlike the Most Common Coil Mattress Complaints, the biggest areas of concern among owners of memory foam mattresses surveyed by was Comfort, Quality and finally Sagging.

The other area where our original post fell a little short for some shoppers was that it generalized the entire segment. Here, we look at specific mattress brands, seven in total, and how they rate among their owners for these common complaints. As with our coil example, the same color-coding grid applies, with the best models highlighted in green and the absolute worst in red. Here it is:

mattress complaints grid



Memory Foam Mattress Problems - Comfort

Comfort was definitely the biggest problem reported by current memory foam mattress owners and this seemed surprising given how great they are supposed to be for spinal support. Most complainants stated that they woke up sore backs, joints or aches in other key pressure point areas. Quite possibly, the mattresses were too firm or too old, as memory foam mattress will lose support over time with wear and tear. The brand that scores the worst in this category was Tempurpedic, claiming the largest percentage of complaints, followed by Sleep Innovations, Novaform Mattresses (which is owned by Sleep Innovations) and finally Bragada mattresses.

Best Price on LucidMemory Foam Mattress Problems - Quality

Quality represented the second-most complained about problem with memory foam mattresses. This complaint addressed construction issues specifically and to our surprise Novaform Mattresses ranked the absolute worst, with Sleep Innovations (which owns Novaform) and Bragada scoring the best.

Memory Foam Mattress Problems - Sagging

Sagging was the biggest problem among coil mattress owners, so it was surprising to find it score so high among memory foam mattresses as well. In this case, however, Bragada (the worst offender according to existing owners) was much of the driving force behind this complaint ranking so high, since owners of the Tempurpedic, Sleep Innovations, Serta iComfort and Sealy Latex mattresses did not list sagging among their complaints.

Without question, understanding more about the different memory foam mattress complaints can help with a purchase decision. However, it should not be the sole driver behind your decision. In the case of these memory foam mattress problems listed existing owners, please keep in mind that the same is quite small compared to the coil mattress complaints, which was much-better represented in our survey. At the same time, the complaints listed here are, for the most part, the very same “features” that a lot of memory foam manufacturers claim that distinguish their product from the traditional innerspring mattresses. This, again, is worth knowing.

Be sure to visit our Mattress Ratings page to learn a little more about these mattress stack up, as well as the various mattress reviews posted under the brand names.

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