Dynasty Mattresses Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress

Dynasty mattresses provide a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive memory foam mattresses on the market. By more expensive, what is really meant is that competing, brand-name products often cost six times as much as a Dynasty memory foam mattress. Not so with the Dynasty Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress.

Compare Memory Foam Mattresses

Without question, there is often a price disparity for a reason. That often means quality, or at least quality of the product in question. Where some of that extra price arises with a more expensive memory foam mattress (and the Tempurpedic memory foam mattress comes to mind here) is in what actually goes into the mattress itself. With a Tempurpedic mattress, you buy more than a base foam (for support) with a thin upper layer (for comfort).

You definitely get more with the Dynasty Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress, yet you are not paying much more than you would with a regular, discounted memory foam mattress. In fact, with this specific Dynasty product, you get three levels of foam. But it is not just the number of foam layers that matters to the quality or value of a memory foam mattress, it is the type of foam and the way it is put together. So, let’s start at the top.

Compare a Top Layer – 5″ of 5-lb Viscoelastic Memory Foam

As with any memory foam mattres, the top layer of foam (the Viscoelastic memory foam) provides that initial comfort as well as body heat transfer, body conformity and airflow. With this 12″ memory foam mattress, the top layer’s depth is a staggering 5 inches thick. This is definitely on the higher-quality end; many costlier memory foam mattresses do not offer such impressive depth.

Adding to the high-end depth on this mattress is the quality of foam (not all memory foam is created equally and density is often an accurate indicator as to the quality). The density for this Dynasty mattress is a solid 5 pounds, again on the higher end. What this means for you is that the thick top layer will take a little longer to absorb and contour your body. However, once you have settled into the mattress, the quality of this comfort is generally better. Body heat is transferred better and you generally experience a cozier night’s sleep. The down side is that restless sleepers who shift positions will find that the thick foam is a little slower to return to its natural state. This means bumps and creases as you settle into your new sleeping position (there is definitely a place for this type of foam and not everyone will appreciate it).

Compare Dual Base Foam Layers for This Dynasty Memory Foam Mattress

One of the distinguishing features with this discount memory foam mattress is the presence two base memory foam layers. The upper of the two layers is roughly 2″ thick and the lower is approximately 5″ thick. Both are egg-crated which allows for additional airflow to disburse heat and provide added comfort. (In fact, this type of system is somewhat similar to the one that Tempurpedic uses, although our experience tells us the quality of the Dynasty system is not quite at the Tempurpedic

And Now Compare The Cost of a Memory Foam Mattress

Dual base memory foam layers offers its share of benefits and for a cheap memory foam mattress, that means better quality of sleep. Of course, at a little more than $540 (regular price) this mattress-only is arguably the most cost-effective memory foam mattresses on the market today. The ultimate result is that the quality of the mattress improves greatly.

It is worth noting that the Dynasty Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress outlined here is a mattress only, not a complete sleep set. While you can definitely get away without using a base, make sure you use a solid platform on which to lay this memory foam mattress in order to ensure consistency for the foam. As well, consider that the memory foam will gradually become less firm. Firm-mattress purists may want to accessorize their purchase with a firm mattress topper while less-firm sleepers will find their sleep experience improve with a few weeks’ time.


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