Tempur-Pedic Classic Traditional Top Mattresses

Known as the Rolls Royce of memory foam mattresses, the Tempur-Pedic brand offers unparalleled comfort and fantastic quality. In all reality, Tempur-Pedic sets the standard for the memory foam mattress industry. While other foam mattresses do their best to catch up, it seems that Tempur-Pedic continues to hold the lead with the largest market share. All of this in light of this mattress’s higher retail cost.

Without question, Sweeden-based Tempur-Pedic leads the way with its memory foam product both in terms of innovation from a product engineering point of view and in terms of comfort from a consumer point of view. Luckily, both engineering and comfort go hand in hand for this brief write-up.

As with all memory foam mattresses, the Tempur-Pedic Classic Traditional Top mattress has two layers of foam; a top layer and a base layer. The top layer consists of two memory foam layers, making it one of the most unique arrangements in the industry; the base layer is base foam, standard fare for the most part.

What will interest most buyers is the company’s choice of using 2 top layers of memory foam. The upper top layer is what Tempur-Pedic calls the Tempur Comfort layer, which is 5.34 density memory foam that will conform to your body and provide the necessities of circulation, conformity and pressure point relief. This is where most memory foam mattress companies stop; with just that top layer.

The lower upper-layer memory foam boasts the same density as the upper, but is what Tempur-Pedic calls the Tempur Support layer. This second layer of memory foam would be less compliant as the top but serves an important role. This support layer would do exactly that: support both the upper layer foam and help to maximize that depth of foam, and support you while you sleep to ensure conformity remains intact without sacrificing comfort.

By employing two top layers in their mattress, Tempur-pedic can confidently offer an aggressive 20-year warranty on the product. But this mattress, which retails for roughly $1,200 for a “basic” mattress, is also about keeping you comfortable so that you get a good night’s rest.

The dense memory foam is among the most dense in the industry, definitely among mattresses featured at qMattresses. This makes for a great deal of engineering investment on Tempur-Pedic’s part since breathability, weight distribution and compliance is not easily achieved. This is where purchasing from the industry’s best becomes important.

The overall sleep experience from the Tempur-Pedic Classic Traditional Top is low conformity and a firm mattress feel, which is what many memory foam mattress shoppers expect and want. For a more conforming mattress, a better Tempur-Pedic mattress might be the Tempur-Cloud Luxe which has a soft feel and medium conformity for 3 times the price of this Classic Traditional Top mattress.

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