Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry Mattress Review

Recently, Sealy Mattresses announced that its earnings have increased while its number of mattresses sold have actually decreased. It does not take a forensic accountant to realize that selling less units and making more money means charging people more money for the units sold. The first natural instinct is that, as consumers, we are getting ripped off by paying more for the same old thing. In reality, the new Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are not “the same old thing.” Realistically, mattresses like the Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry mattress are greatly improved over previous models. And as consumers, as crazy as it may sound, we should be happy to be paying a little more for a lot more in features.

With the Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry mattress, buyers are getting an exceptional sleep product. Not only does this mattress benefit from the recent enhancements to the entire Posturepedic line that happened earlier this year, but the current regular retail price of under $1,100 is a steal… and since we only recommend buying a mattress while it is on sale, paying under $700 is actually a true bargain. Here is why:

The Misleading Coil Count

With most mattresses in this price point, buyers can expect two things. The first is a continuous coil system that will not isolate body motion as well as a pocket coil system (the Johnson Ferry has a pocket coil mattress core) and the second is a coil count in the mid-500’s. With this particular mattress, the coils number 560 individually wrapped pocket coils. This may contradict some numbers published by Sealy (they will list about 100 additional coils) and that is primarily because Sealy provides an estimate as to how many coils there would have been if the foam encasing were not as thick. Titanium as well. (This detail was kindly pointed out to me by the Mattress Expert, Peter Cancelli – thank you, Peter!)

Titanium Alloy – What You’re Really Getting

As a Value-priced product, the Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry mattress will have cut some corners to get from the showroom to your bedroom floor. One corner (aside from the misleading coil count as noted above) is the Titanium alloy coils. Now, Sealy swears by Titanium, claiming the material outlasts traditional steel coils in both compression and decompression rates as well as overall durability. However, there is a big difference between Titanium and Titanium alloy. In the case of this particular mattress, the alloy is used, which is the same as any other alloy – typically you get a coat of the good stuff over top of something “not-as-good.” With the Johnson Ferry, that means Titanium on top of regular old springs. The Mattress Expert, Peter Cancelli, figures the actual Titanium “content” of these springs will weigh in at roughly 10%. Definitely something worth noting.

Multiple Zones – CoreSupport as Sealy Calls It

One of the biggest and most important changes that Sealy made with the Posturepedic line is giving its product multiple zoning. What Sealy realized (and chiropractors, sleep professionals and regular people realized long ago) was that people have different pressure points with different levels of sensitivity and needs. What this means is that your hips need a different level of support than your ankles and your shoulders and neck and so on. If these pressure points are not relieved appropriately, you will wake up throughout the night, toss and turn until you get comfortable and ultimately wake your partner up and feel like you have not slept all night (duh, because you haven’t).

Multiple zoning changes the pressure relieving qualities of the mattress in different spots. With CoreSupport, Sealy Mattresses offer greater support in the middle area of the mattress than in the top and lower areas, where you do not need the same level of support. This is noteworthy because most mattresses do not incorporate different support areas until you start paying big bucks for their high-end luxury models.

Better Edging… At Last

One of the final benefits with the Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry mattress is an improved edging. This is the part of the mattress that runs along the perimeter of the mattress, which a lot of companies call an “encasement.” With this Sealy, its called “SitRight,” and for the longest time we have been highly critical of how flimsy the edging was – when you sit on a mattress, you want to feel like you are not going to get swallowed back into the mattress, nor do you want to feel like you will slide off onto the floor. With the Johnson Ferry model, you are getting marginally better edging compared to other models.

Remember, however, that this edging actually robs coil count. So while it is an improved edge system compared to other Posturepedics we have seen, it sacrifices coil count to achieve that praise.

Creature Comfort

As with all Posturepedic mattresses, this one comes with memory foam comfort layers that help to improve the overall quality of the mattress and provide additional spinal support. This means even better relief of the pressure points, resulting in an even more restful night of sleep (yes, we realize how much that last sentence sounds like a television commercial).


Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry Mattress RatingConsumers who are seeking a good pocket-coil design that will offer individualized support to different areas of their body while also providing good motion transfer elimination will like the Sealy Posturepedic Johnson Ferry mattress. With a sale price under $800 and all of the great improvements that Sealy has made to its Posturepedic line, it really does make sense why consumers are paying a little more for the same improvements that have helped Sealy report an increase in sales while the number of units sold would otherwise suggest a drop in sales.

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