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Site visitors can now save tons of time by browsing mattress groups by mattress rating! Both of our hugely successful mattress ratings Peer Groups can give shoppers and online researchers a huge head start in the mattress shopping process. Simply visit either of the following posts to start your mattress search today: Value Mattress Ratings and Mid-Priced Mattress Ratings. While both posts offer a brief explanation as to how we categorize a “Value” mattress and a “Mid Priced” mattress, you can get a more detailed overview by checking out these posts: Value Mattress Ratings Methodology and Mid-Range Mattress Ratings Methodology.

Why qmattresses.com

As the leading Mattress Reviews and Ratings website, we offer a comprehensive system to research, evaluate and compare mattress products. Our model shows that 5 key areas contribute to a successful mattress purchase. Those areas are:

Mattress Reviews

With more than 50 premium-quality mattress reviews, we are the leader in this space. Whether it is a top-tier mattress manufacturer or a discount brand, our mattress reviews focus on only the best mattress products on the market. (Read more…)

Mattress Ratings

Our proprietary Mattress Ratings provide a multi-dimensional view of mattress brands as well as individual models. Based on more than 1,250 individual responses, our Mattress Ratings are driven by existing owner feedback, opinions and complaints. Our individual mattress product ratings accompany all new mattress reviews and provide insight into the benefits, weaknesses and target price for that individual mattress. (Read more…)

Mattress Warranty

One of the most important elements to your mattress purchase, the warranty is the leading cause of dissatisfaction with a mattress brand. Often misunderstood (or ignored completely until you need to make a claim) our unique Mattress Warranty section highlights key points that you need to consider when buying a mattress. (Read more…)

Mattress Complaints

An area all its own, our Mattress Complaints section highlights how existing owners feel about the mattress brand you may be considering. Worthy of a look before making a purchase, the mattress complaints section shines light on potential product flaws and weaknesses. (Read more…)

Mattress Retailers

Since most shoppers will buy a mattress from a traditional mattress store, we have reviewed the ten largest retailers by market share with stores spanning from coast to coast. These retailers carry the brands we discuss in our mattress reviews and ratings. Find out whether these top retailers can help you with your purchase and see how they rate in our strict survey. (Read more…)

mattress purchase decisionThese 5 elements contribute to a successful mattress purchase process. The keyword is “successful” since so many mattress owners feel cheated, defeated or disappointed by this industry. To help with this process, we have developed a Mattress Buying Guide that incorporates 12 essential questions mattress shoppers should answer before making a purchase, as well as the 6 Golden Rules of Buying a Mattress which help shoppers ensure they don’t feel like they were ripped off.

Spend a few minutes looking around, uncovering the truth about mattresses and the industry and learning how get a better night’s sleep.

And when you feel you have found the perfect mattress for your needs, don’t hesitate to Ask the Mattress Expert, Peter Cancelli who is taking questions and comments posed by you, our valued site visitors!

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